2017’s home renovation trends you need to know

2017’s home renovation trends you need to know

Your home is likely your biggest financial investment, which makes it your most valuable asset. And what better way to love your home than to give it a makeover? Though you might think it’s better to be a trendsetter and not a follower, there are a few basic trends that you can customise and make your own, to take your renovation to the next level.

So if you’re ready to renovate your home check out these latest home renovation trends from Darren Wallis at Modern Solutions.

1) Eco friendly design

Who doesn’t want an endurable and durable home these days? The great thing about eco friendly renovations is they can easily be done on a budget and can quickly add value to your home.

If you’re thinking of going green, added insulation, sustainable materials, roof gardens and relaxed design elements that invite natural light in are all good options. When it comes to home appliances, you don’t have to give up items like your dishwasher and air conditioner either, but instead ensure you’re choosing the most green option. This can be done by simply checking the energy rating on the appliance to see how efficient and wallet friendly it is.

2) Efficient use of space

Any buyer would chose a home that is more spacious – or looks more spacious – over one that isn’t, which is why extending or adding rooms to a house is big in 2017.

But if you’re thinking about getting rid of small rooms to create an open communal space then don’t get carried away. The new trend is to provide an option for privacy by creating corners and niches to escape into with your laptop.

Roof rooms and attic renovations could also be popular this year, since they give the house a unique look. The trend in 2017 is spacious looking homes; but adding a bit of character can take the trend up a notch.

Another way to add value to your home is by adding clever storage to utilise dead space. Upgrading your laundry to help create extra storage space has gone from being popular last year to being on trend this year! Increasing your storage areas means that your home will look tidy, spacious and up to date.

3) Terracotta tiles

If you grew up in the 80s it might surprise you to hear that terracotta floor tiles are making a comeback.

This year, matte finishes are replacing shinier ones, and interior trends are steering clear of the cool tones which were on trend for more than a decade, switching to warmer tones and materials. Terracotta’s warm, natural look is in keeping with this trend.

And terracotta isn’t limited only to being used for floors – terracotta tiles on feature walls are a good option too.

4) Dark wood

For those of you who have grown tired of blonde-coloured wood, you’ll be happy to hear you can now experiment with darker shades of wood and still be on trend.

Darker wood will enhance the look of your wall or floor, and you can also think about adding some highlights to your home with darker wood furniture pieces or sets.

5) Natural bathrooms

A foolproof way of enhancing your home’s appeal is by upgrading the bathroom. The latest bathroom makeover trend of 2017 shows an emerging style of interior design that combines modern, clean lines and nature-oriented and organic-inspired flair.

So put thoughts of super-dark, hand-scraped floors on hold for a moment and consider engineered woods with a lighter, more natural finish. Our experts say that white, grey and washed wood are back this year, so think bleached, limed, or fumed woods with matte finishes or sealed-only floors.

Choose low maintenance materials that allow effortless cleaning in the bathroom, as functionality is an important consideration for any home buyer. Don’t discount engineered products – they might not be cheap, but they can help you achieve a more exotic look, and porcelain tiles, like the “wood” look from Beaumont Tiles, are also a good option.

Bathrooms featuring clean lines are an all-time favourite and you can never go wrong with them, but add a natural touch with earthy tones or wooden materials to stay on trend. For the cherry on top, consider adding potted ferns or a terracotta sculpture.

6) A welcoming garden

One of the best investments to add value to your home this year is a garden makeover.

Like bathrooms, today’s garden décor is all about deviating from a minimalist look and moving into creating a more welcoming and warmer look with natural materials.

Opt for a style that’s close to natural by steering clear of geometrical design and layouts. Making use of recycled materials, decks and pebble or stone pathways also lends a more authentic and organic feel to your garden.

7) Outdoor entertaining spaces

The backyard has been underutilised for a long time, but now, homeowners are making their outdoor areas more useful by opting for features like indoor spaces that lead directly to the backyard, patios for outdoor activities, carports, verandahs, pergolas or stratco sunroofs and cooldeks.

Stone flooring or interesting concrete finishes are a good way to help you create a personalised at-home resort and for decks and sitting areas, raw or rusted steels are popular. And with Aussie summers, pools are always a good bet to make use of larger outdoor spaces.

However, beauty has its price and the cost for backyard renovations or constructions are high. For example, building an outdoor kitchen might be more expensive than building one indoors. So it’s wise to set a budget before proceeding with any plans or designs.

2017’s home renovation trends you need to know was last modified: April 12, 2017 by Darren Wallis

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