Purchase rate
0% p.a. for 25 months then 20.24% p.a.
Balance transfer rate
No current offer
Annual fees
$87 $0 when you spend over $20,000 p.a, $0 in the first year
Interest free days on purchases

Mozo editorial review ANZ Platinum - last updated: 14 December 2021

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What's hot
  • $0 annual fee in the first year ($87 after)
  • 0% purchase rate for first 25 months (20.24% after)
  • Mozo Experts Choice Award in 2021
What's not
  • 20.24% cash advance rate
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Although the ANZ Platinum doesn't come with rewards points, the credit card makes up for it with travel benefits, complimentary insurances, platinum concierge and other services such as eDine, ANZ wine club and Visa entertainment. In fact, the Platinum card's complimentary benefits impressed our judges so much that they named it a 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award winner in the best Premium Card Benefits category.   

Want to save on interest straight off the bat? The ANZ Platinum could be a good option as there's 0% interest offer for the first 25 months on purchases.

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Key features

With the ANZ Platinum credit card you'll get a generous 55 interest free day period on new purchases as long as you pay the balance in full each statement period. There's also a 0% introductory purchase rate offer for 25 months, though just remember that once this period ends the rate reverts to the normal 20.24% purchase rate. 

After the first year there is an annual fee of $87 but you can get this waived if you make at least $20,000 worth of eligible purchases in the previous year. This might seem like a lot to have to spend to save on an annual fee but you can get up to nine additional card holders free on the card to help out with the spending!

The complimentary insurances included with the ANZ Platinum card are truly high end. You'll receive international travel  insurance, purchase protection insurance, extended warranty and interstate flight inconvenience insurance. And the Visa entertainment feature will introduce you to the exciting world of special events, exclusive merchandise packages and home entertainment products.

Who is it good for

This one's a great credit card for travellers or entertainment seekers who want access to travel and special entertainment events. But to keep this card in your wallet, you'll need to be 18 or over, and be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa.

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Any catches

The 0% purchase rate offer isn't available to existing ANZ credit card customers and reverts to the high purchase rate of 20.24% after 25 months. Plus, the annual fee of $87 kicks in too if you do not meet the spending criteria. 


Rates and fees information correct as at 18 January 2022 Mozo has robust processes to ensure our site is updated to reflect the latest information from providers. There may be the odd occasion where updates are delayed, so please confirm information before purchasing.

20.24% p.a.

0% p.a. for 25 months

No current offer


20.24% p.a.




$0 in the first year














Payment options

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin, Fitbit

Rewards privileges

Extended Warranty,
Purchase Protection,
Guaranteed Pricing Scheme,
International Travel Insurance

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