NSW ready to save big: where to use your Dine & Discover Vouchers before they expire

Young woman with juice looking at Dine & Discover vouchers on phone in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Live in NSW and feel like you’ve forgotten about something? Head on to the Service NSW app (remember? The one you used to check into every venue with?) because there might be some Dine & Discover vouchers sitting there, unused.

If you somehow missed the memo while languishing in lockdown, every NSW resident over the age of 18 is entitled to six vouchers worth $25 each - three for dining, three for entertainment and recreation. The expiry for these vouchers is the 30th of June 2022, so if you haven’t applied yet - get moving!

These are separate from any other Service NSW vouchers you may be entitled to, which all have different expiry dates - your Stay voucher, for accommodation, is valid until the 9th of October 2022.

Where can I spend my Dine & Discover vouchers before June 30?

Catch a movie

If you’re looking for something to do that won’t send you over that $25 cap, it might be time to check out a new release. Whether you fancy the new Top Gun movie or you’ve been keen to see what Disney did with Lightyear, this is an option that works for any weather. Some cinemas run Discover exclusive deals - if you purchase in the cinema, Hoyts offer a $25 deal for two standard movie tickets or for one ticket with a regular popcorn and drink.

Book a concert

Been meaning to book tickets to your next gig? You might be a fan of the Arctic Monkeys or maybe Andrea Bocelli is more your speed - either way, if you’re busy this weekend, using your Discover voucher to book tickets in advance is a great plan. As long as the tickets are booked before the 30th of June, you’re able to use your Discover vouchers through Ticketek or many independent venues. You’ll be thankful for the savings when you’re in line for merch.

Dominate at bowling (or mini golf, or an escape room)

If you’ve got that competitive streak, there’s no better time to show it off! Check eligible businesses here, and prepare to find yourself spoilt for choice. Show off your skills at the bowling alley, the putt putt course or lock logical horns at an escape room. Just remember to call ahead - the rush towards voucher expiry might see some places booked out!

Swap out delivery apps to head in store

We all became a little reliant on apps like Uber Eats and Menulog over lockdown - guilty as charged - but your Dine vouchers are designed to get past those. Try out that fun little sandwich shop you’ve been eyeing up or stop in at your local pizza place on the way home - just ask whether they accept Service NSW vouchers before you get stuck with the bill! If you really need to take that food to go, most local spots will let you use your $25 voucher for takeaway when you order and pay through them directly. 

At Mozo, we’re all about making the most of a deal, so don’t let this one get away from you. Check with individual businesses as most will require you to use your vouchers separately, so if you have a few left, you might need to get cracking! 

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