Taylor Swift's Sydney Concert Day Budget

Taylor Swift in concert
Image: Getty, Taylor Swift

With Taylor Swift taking to the Sydney stage this weekend, we thought it might be useful to better understand how a global superstar runs her concert day budget. 

After all, you want to go into all money matters with your eyes open so as to avoid ending up unexpectedly in the red. 

It doesn’t matter what your spending power is, be it a few bills or a few billion - the end game here is to stick to your budget, not to get overly enchanted by the almighty dollar!

Swift spending but within her means

Taylor’s no foolish one, folks - her costs never outweigh her savings. See for yourself …


After a good night’s sleep in Sydney’s Crown Towers, Taylor would possibly have scribbled down $38,888 on her bedside notepad, the cost of a single night in the Crown Presidential Villa.

Breakfast options are aplenty in Barangaroo but surely Taylor and boyfriend Travis Kelce wouldn’t look beyond Kansas City Shuffle in The Rocks. Let’s assume a plate of pancakes each plus coffee, easily shaken off with a walk back to the hotel. Maybe $50.

With some time to kill, Taylor and Travis might have craved a spot of entertainment. Seemingly an animal lover, a stop at Wild Life Sydney would only set the couple back $58. Then again, they’d probably go for a koala photo each, so that’s another $30 for both cuddlers.


Back to the hotel to freshen up and then it’s lunch. Having already dropped $600-odd this week at Pellegrino 2000 in Surry Hills, plus a $300 tip, Taylor suggests Travis do a low-cost Maccas run. 

A Double Cheeseburger meal for Taylor comes to $12.80. Travis nabs a 6-nugget Happy Meal ($14.30), Oreo McFlurry ($6.50) and a Sausage McMuffin ($6.20) as he plans to get there before breakfast ends - tight timing, even for a tight-end.


Somewhat breathless, a hearty feed has Travis in the mood for a little shopping. The two hit Pitt Street Mall for some retail therapy. The main purchase is raincoats due to the Sydney forecast for stormy weather come concert time. 

They navigate the labyrinth of stores and then, what luck - heavy rain jackets on sale at Kathmandu, $390 each. “Cruel summer weather,” Travis says quietly to himself.

He then proposes - not that sort of proposal! - a quick visit to Sydney Tower, where admission is about $33 each. But Taylor knows all too well the real adventure is to be had on the Skywalk. Long story short, they opt for the full view at $95 per person. 

Despite Travis’ incredible afterglow, Taylor thinks some transport back to the hotel might be in order. Not a cab in sight, though. 

No problem, two Lime bikes sit unclaimed and the two opt for a $17 ride pass each for 60 minutes. They take the scenic route, down George Street, over to Darling Harbour and back across to the hotel in Barangaroo. 

Oh, Travis also stopped for a Coke Zero, 1.25L - $6.30 at 7-11. The message in that bottle? The Super Bowl champ is wide awake and ready to party.

Total Taylor spend … are you ready for it?

Finally back at the hotel and it’s almost concert time. What a day and it only cost $40,076.10, coming in well under Taylor’s spending limit. Long live budgeting!

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