Smartphone Travel Insurance Guide

When it comes travelling, remembering to pack your smartphone has become just as important as packing your passport. Our smartphones have slowly become our tech sidekick for tackling everyday life, from helping us pass the time with our favourite tunes to taking the perfect selfie at Sunday brunch, so there’s no denying the devastation when something goes wrong.

According to a statement by Travel Insurance provider, Cover-More, it approved 2,862 smartphone claims made just last year alone.

If you’re about to head overseas and are looking into travel insurance for your iPhone or Galaxy mobile, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Can I get travel insurance cover for my smartphone?

Yes, typically your mobile phone will be included under your personal effects cover of a policy. This means you’ll be covered for:

  • Accidental damage
  • The replacement cost if your smartphone is stolen (after depreciation factors like age and wear and tear are deducted)
  • If your smartphone is damaged as a result of someone else’s actions

Keep in mind, that there will be limits to how much you can claim on standard cover. But there are specific gadget-only policies for travellers who are looking into getting a higher level of cover for their smartphone. Otherwise, you do have the option of adding additional gadget insurance under your normal travel insurance policy.

What should I look out for in a travel insurance policy?

If you’ve decided to take out insurance on your smartphone before a trip, here are a few things to look out for before signing the dotted line:

The limits - Many policies have a limit on the amount you could be covered for, for any one item. If you’re planning on taking multiple electronics with you on holiday, make sure your smartphone is adequately covered.

The sub limits -  Policies may also choose to include a sub-limit on the amount of cover that is available for certain items. For example, you may only be able to receive $200 per insured item, which could leave you out of pocket in a number circumstances, like if your brand new $1,500 smartphone gets stolen while on holiday. Here it’s important to look for a policy that’s reasonable with their limits and the amount of coverage you can apply for.

Replacement/ Wear and tear costs - Have a firm understanding of what process is involved if your mobile is damaged, stolen or lost while overseas. Keep in mind the age of your smartphone, as it will affect how much you will be able to claim, because of the depreciation.

Excess - Choose the amount of excess you would be comfortable paying if you need to make a claim. Also, get familiar with any listed exclusions to avoid any disappointments.

Mozo's tips on how to prepare for the worst.

No one likes having to think about a smashed or stolen smartphone, let alone losing everything that was on it. We recommend doing the following in advance to give yourself the best chance at getting cover and to protect all your personal details:

  • Take a ‘before’ shot of your smartphone as proof of its condition before you left the country
  • Jot down your smartphone’s serial number or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
  • Backup all your photos, music, apps and other data to your computer or laptop
  • AirDrop anything else on your smartphone you don’t want to risk losing, like important notes or saved documents
  • Email your contacts to yourself

What do I need to make a travel insurance claim?

Again, many insurance providers will have their own specific requirements in order to make a claim, but here are a few general things you may need to provide when making a claim for your smartphone:

  • Police/ hotel reports
  • Valuations
  • Quotes from reputable expert if the smartphone can be repaired
  • Photos (if applicable)
  • Proof of purchase, such as the receipt/bank statement

Any tips for a smoother claims process?

Having to make a claim on your mobile phone can be stressful, as our phones play a massive part of everyday life, so here are a few tips to ensure a smoother process:

Report as soon as possible - If your smartphone has been stolen, report it to a local authority no matter where you are. Then, obtain a police report with the exact date the incident occurred. This will be the biggest piece of evidence you’ll offer your insurance provider when you make a claim.

It is important to make your claim as soon as possible, as claims that have been submitted after 30 days tend to be rejected.

Be prepared with contact details - Before you head overseas, find out how you can get in contact with your insurance company while away in order to get a heads start.

Take care - While you are travelling, take good care of your smartphone and do not leave it lying around for anyone to grab. Insurance providers are very specific with what you will or won’t be covered for and a mistake on your part may not cut it.

Cooperation and honesty - Providers always appreciate honesty no matter what the circumstance so it’s important to be upfront and truthful when it comes to making a claim. Cooperate as best as you can and don’t try to trick or mislead your insurance provider as it could result in your claim being declined.

How will my claim be assessed?

Once you’ve filled out the necessary forms and submitted the relevant documentation, your insurance company will assess your claim, which can take a few weeks. They’ll generally look into the following:

  • The incident that occurred/ assess whether you were at fault
  • When the claim was submitted
  • The likelihood of your phone being fully repaired/ if it can be replaced
  • If your policy type permits cover for the type of damage

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