Family travel insurance

Did you know that you can take your kiddy winks along with you on an overseas holiday, virtually for free? Ok, so you still need to pay for flights and accommodation, but their travel insurance is automatically covered by the policy you buy for yourself!

Age restrictions vary between providers, so you’ll find that some will cover your kids up to the age of 18 years of age and other providers will cover your kids till they’re 21. That’s a huge saving depending on where and when you’re traveling as most basic travel insurance for adults average at about $100 each person.

So whether you’re a single or partnered parent, some travel insurance providers will allow your family travel insurance policy to cover up to 3 kids per adult. And partnered doesn't have to mean life-partner. It could mean grandparent too. Some providers will allow up to 10 kids per family! Now that’s a saving! But always check first.

Why should I buy travel insurance anyway?

With such a large range of affordable overseas family travel insurance available, the question should be: Why wouldn’t you buy travel insurance?

Who can tell what’s around the corner. From our everyday lives at home to trekking overseas, there is no predicting when disaster strikes. The main benefit of having travel insurance when overseas is to cover your medical bills should something go wrong, because being a long way from home means you’re a long way from the safety and security that Medicare provides us in Australia.

Basic VS Comprehensive family travel insurance

The good news is that even if you are travelling as a family you don’t have to get the bells and whistles policy - there are basic options available for families. The difference between the two has a lot to do with all the extras. Basic is great for standard medical cover, but not pre-existing medical conditions.

Do you and your kids carry valuable items like smart-phones, tablets and laptops? When it comes to losing these items, purchasing a new or second-hand replacement will cost far more than your insurance excess. But basic insurance won’t usually cover you. Comprehensive will most likely be more down your alley, covering all the smart gadgets and devices you need to. However, read the fine print on this one! Here’s why:

Billie’s smart tablet disappears

Remember when Billie was addicted to that game and took her smart tablet everywhere, determined to finish it before her friends? And she took it to the local shopping centre, and while you did the shopping she concentrated on her gaming? ...until she took a break to go to the public toilet and ACCIDENTALLY LEFT IT BEHIND and someone else picked it up. And kept it.

Yes. This is a typical scenario of how easy it is to lose an expensive item in a day within minutes. And just as irretrievable in your hometown, this kind of property loss while travelling overseas will also be that - simply lost. Many travel insurance providers won’t cover items that are negligently left behind.

So when is this premium useful? When your valuables go missing under the care of your airline during transfers or if your hotel room is broken into. If your policy does include cover for accidental loss you’ll still need to report it to the relevant authority, this means in a public place (the police), at your hotel (hotel security) or bus (transport provider), and when you make your travel insurance claim you’ll need to provide proof of ownership of that item - this means warranties, receipt, credit card statement, packaging.

What’s comprehensive family insurance going to cover us for?

As mentioned before, the main difference between basic and comprehensive insurance is the extras. And it’s not limited to personal effects. The other extras included in a comprehensive policy are huge and may be the difference to your family’s comfort or discomfort while on holiday, or post-accident.


Whether you choose basic or comprehensive, both will cover you for unlimited medical requirements, from minor to major medical treatment, providing you qualify. If you’re not sure how what may affect your situation, consider the following:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions - Currently receiving treatment for asthma, diabetes, anything? Reveal all current medical conditions to your provider, including your children’s. Your provider will guide you which is the best insurance for you. If you don’t form the start, then your insurance will be void.
  • One drink won’t hurt, right? - Unfortunately if you become injured or cause injury to someone while overseas and alcohol is present in your body, you may not be covered for travel insurance - which means you will have to pay out of your pocket. And it could become thousands of dollars. It’s a risk you may want to reconsider.

Also, if your kids are injured and need medical attention and you are found to be intoxicated and it’s noted in the medical report, as a carer who is 100% responsible for their children throughout your overseas journey, your child may miss out on being covered by your travel insurance. Point is, drink responsibly or not at all while overseas, and especially while minors are under your care.


Good news is your comprehensive cover will pay for emergency dental needs while overseas for you and your family, but check with your provider first.

Luggage and personal belongings

A comprehensive travel insurance cover is better than basic when it comes to protecting the expensive items that have become so very part of our lives these days, that is - if they're lost or stolen under the care of your airline or hotel. Because as mentioned before, if you’re not keeping your eyes on your luggage or personal belongings and Billie’s or Jason’s favourite smart technology goes walk-about, it’s gone forever, without compensation. Moral of the story: take responsibility of your things!

Cancellation and delays

We know it, you know it - cancellation and delays of flights, accommodation and pre-booked family activities are really out of your control, which is where the right travel insurance will cover you for any loss of money.

What is in your control arriving on time or early for flights so that you aren’t held responsible for missing a flight. Remember: your provider doesn't take into consideration poor traffic conditions when missing flights or if you spent an extra hour searching for Sarah’s favourite blanky. Your provider only cares that you are organised enough to take on cover and that you will do your bit by boarding your scheduled flight on time.

Accidental death and injury

Can your family financially manage without you? If you die or are permanently injured while traveling overseas with your family, the right kind of travel insurance will take care of things for a while. Remember to read the fine print - alcohol and pre-existing medical conditions may affect the overall outcome.

Personal liability

You don’t want to be remembered as the parent who brought the fun energy down during the family holiday because it cost thousands of dollars to repair that funny looking statue in the car park, when you accidentally drove over it in the hire car, do you?

By purchasing the right kind of public liability, you can be hailed a hero instead. After all that giant fiberglass hot-dog mascot was really freaking everyone out, even the locals!


Your travel insurance provider won’t usually cover stolen cash. For travel policies that do, you may only be covered up to $200.

Car rental

Do you have an international driver’s license? Awesome, you can drive the fam around, even hire a gorgeous sports car for the day. Why? Because there's travel insurance just for that. But if you don’t hold a driver’s license for the country you’re visiting, you can kiss that driving experience good-bye. Unless you hire a local driver to do the driving for you. Problem solved.

Airline and holiday default

Mozo knows all too well that bankruptcy or inner political issues within a company can bring them to a close. Rather than you stand there open mouthed and wondering how you’re going to pay for your next flight home or a hotel for two weeks, seize the moment and continue your vacation with confidence. Because with the right overseas travel insurance policy, any airline or holiday related defaults will be covered. Hooray for that!

How much will I pay for overseas travel insurance for 2 weeks with my family?

Mozo knows that you’re too busy answering bizarre and creative questions, adjudicating drawing competitions and driving your kids to soccer practice to be spending hours researching different travel insurance providers’ policies and prices.

Don’t worry. We’ve reduced the headache of comparing overseas travel insurance for you and your family. Just type in departure dates and arrival, destination and ages of family members and away you go!

Fancy yourselves an army of adventurers? We’ve put together sample quotes for you to get an idea the different costs between basic, comprehensive and comprehensive that includes extra activities.

Here’s what a 2 week trip (for a family of four) to various destinations with your crew may cost:

Single trip Ages 41, 39, 9, 5 Basic Cover Comprehensive Cover Including Extras like outdoor activities, sport etc.
1 Cover Basic
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$0 luggage and personal effects
$0 cancellation

Cost: $69.70
Travel Insuranz Premier
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$3500 Luggage and personal effects
$5000 cancellation

Cost: $117.90
iTrek Adventurer
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$10000 Luggage and personal effects
$30000 cancellation

Cost: $152.76
Kango Cover Joey
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$0 luggage and personal effects

Cost: $170.62
iTrek Pioneer
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$10000 luggage and personal effects
Unlimited cancellation fees

Cost: $167.96
Easy Travel Insurance International Comprehensive with $0 excess
Unlimited Medical and Hospital
$15000 luggage and personal effects
Unlimited cancellation fees

Cost: $658.00
New Zealand
iTrek Wanderer
Unlimited medical and Hospital
$0 luggage and personal effects

Cost: $57
World Care
Unlimited medical and Hospital
$24000 luggage and personal effects
Unlimited cancellation fees

Cost: $112.68
Kango Cover Eastern Grey
$25 million Medical and Hospital
$12000 luggage and personal effects
$25000 cancellation fees

Cost: $239.40

Are we covered for...?

It all depends on what insurance you’ve purchased and how you travel. Have you read the fine print? Mozo will always harp on about reading and understanding everything to do with your policy before your board your plane. After all, you want your travel insurance to protect you and cover you when you need it most, not just fill the bank balance of your provider! (Did we just say that?)


Absolutely. Firstly, congrats from Mozo! The thing with traveling while pregnant is that there are a whole of of things to think about. Risks. Small print. The finer details that may either deter you from traveling or travel within the guidelines that your provider suggests.

As we said - read the fine print as every provider is different. Some travel insurance providers will cover you up to the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy, others will cover you up to 28 weeks or longer. In saying that, if you’ve had a previous complicated pregnancy or birth, or have conceived your baby via IVF, your overseas travel insurance cover may not be valid.

Important! You need to verify with your insurance provider if they will cover you and your baby if something goes wrong. If they cover the mother only, and not your baby, you need to consider if it’s worth going overseas at all. The reason why? If your baby is born prematurely and needs intensive care and is not covered by travel insurance, your medical bill could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. More information on pregnancy cover can be found by reading our pregnancy travel insurance guide here.

Pre-existing conditions

Many travel insurance policies will include cover for pre-existing conditions ranging from diabetes, cancer through to asthma. If either you or one of your children have a pre-existing medical condition it is important to read the insurance policy PDS carefully. Mozo can help you to filter by providers that will cover for specific conditions. Simply complete the details on your trip in our quote tool and refine. It is a good idea to talk directly with the insurance provider as well. You might need to get a doctor’s certificate or pay an extra premium.

Claims: What do I need to do if something happens?

If it is a medical emergency you should seek help from medical professionals first. Your insurance provider will have an emergency support hotline which you will need to call once you, or your child is out of immediate danger.

If it is non life threatening situation you will need to get the appropriate official report - a medical certificate, hospital report, airline report or if you’ve had your goods lost or stolen a police report. This report will need to contain all the details of what happened and the treatment sought. You will need to hold onto your receipts if you’ve made any purchases toward the incident.

When you arrive back in Australia, you’ll need to complete a travel insurance claim with your insurance provider. If your claim involves something that was lost or stolen, be prepared to provide evidence of ownership. This could include:

  • copy of warranty
  • packaging
  • credit card statement or receipt
  • photograph of item / you using item

Excess fees

When you make an insurance claim you will need to pay an excess. The amount of excess you’re required to pay will depend on your policy. Some policies will have a higher excess for medical claims, than claims related to cancellations.

Generally you will also need to pay an excess for each claim you make, so if you are making multiple claims (one for you, your child etc) you will need to pay the excess multiple times.

Travel insurance reviews

Mozo recommends that you read other people’s experiences when it comes to reviews on family travel insurance & overseas travel insurance policies. Remember - your individual circumstance, ages and destination may be different to theirs.