RBA leaves the official cash rate at 2% again - but will it last?

Kelly Emmerton

Tuesday 01 March 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced the cash rate will remain at 2% in March, for the tenth month in a row, although many economists are predicting that the streak won't last.

Despite turbulent global conditions last month plus domestic figures that show a rising unemployment rate and lowered expectations for business investments, experts say the domestic market is relatively stable, which has been reflected in the RBA board’s decision to hold the cash rate at 2% yet again.

Governor Glenn Stevens said, “the expansion in the non-mining parts of the economy strengthened during 2015 despite the contraction in spending in mining investment. This was reflected in improved labour market conditions. The pace of lending to businesses also picked up."

He added that "the Board judged that there were reasonable prospects for continued growth in the economy, with inflation close to target."

Even so, experts have predicted that low growth and inflation, combined with the potential of the Aussie dollar to rise, will prompt the RBA to cut rates later this year.

Stevens didn't discount the possibility, saying, "continued low inflation would provide scope for easier policy, should that be appropriate to lend support to demand."

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