No change in sight: RBA kicks 2016 off with 2% official cash rate

Kelly Emmerton

Tuesday 02 February 2016

The RBA has met for the first time in 2016 amid less than optimal global conditions, announcing that the official cash rate will remain unchanged at 2% for the ninth month in a row.

Uncertainty in the global market, including weakening growth in three of Australia’s biggest trading partners, China, Japan and the US and oil prices at a 13 year low, have prompted overseas central banks in Europe, Japan and New Zealand to cut rates to combat slow economies and deflation.

Changes at home have also had nerves mounting, as the property market boom shows signs of cooling, with annual price growth in Sydney and Melbourne slowing, and consumer and business confidence falling since December.

But recent upheaval wasn’t expected to be enough to change the outlook of the RBA - especially after the Aussie dollar’s rise last night from 70.77 to 70.97 US cents - with the Board electing to keep the cash rate steady at 2%. 

Governor Glenn Stevens said in a statement that, "surveys of business conditions moved to above average levels, employment growth picked up and the unemployment rate declined in the second half of the year, even though measured GDP growth was below average. The pace of lending to businesses also picked up."

He also cited low inflation in the decision to keep the cash rate unchanged, saying, "the Board judged that there were reasonable prospects for continued growth in the economy, with inflation close to target."

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The unchanged cash rate is reflected in the activity of savings rates - or rather the lack of activity. There’s been very little action on this front, with the exception of NAB increasing the ongoing bonus rate of its Online Saver account by 25bp to 3.1%.

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