Everything you need to know about the CommBank Awards Program


The Commbank Awards Program offers spenders the chance to earn Awards points on everyday purchases made with their CommBank rewards credit card, redeemable as rewards. 

Whether you’re a loyal CBA customer looking for some more bang for your buck, or you’re on the hunt for a one-stop-shop for frequent flyer points and other great rewards, the CommBank Awards Program is a great place to start!

With a wide range of credit card’s eligible for the CommBank Awards Program, there are tonnes of different options up for grabs suited to a variety of different lifestyles and budgets. 

To earn points, all you have to do is make a purchase with an eligible CommBank credit card and voila! And when it comes to redeeming your CommBank Awards points, from paying with points at Myer to trading your points in for cash, the options are practically endless!

CommBank Awards: which cards are eligible

To start earning points, you’ll need one of the following CommBank rewards credit cards from the table below. With a wide range of eligible credit cards up for grabs, there’s plenty of different options to choose from depending on your specific needs.

Want a rewards card by don’t want to pay a fortune in annual fees? The Commonwealth Bank Awards Credit Card will do you a treat! Or maybe you’re happy to pay a little extra to get your paws on more points? Then consider the Platinum Awards Credit Card or the Diamond Awards Credit Card.


How to earn Awards Points with CommBank

To earn Awards Points in the CommBank Awards program, you’ll need to make a purchase with an eligible CommBank Awards credit card. The number of Awards Points you earn per $1 spent will depend on which CommBank Awards credit card you have.

Generally speaking, the more points earning power a rewards credit card has, the higher its annual fee is - so make sure you weigh up the value of earning points with the cost of keeping the card.

Earning CommBank Awards bonus points

You can build up your CBA Awards points balance even faster by earning bonus points. Some CommBank credit cards come with introductory offers, where you’ll have the chance to earn hundreds of thousands of bonus points if you meet the spend criteria when you first get a new card. 

Already a CommBank cardholder? No worries! You can earn uncapped Bonus Points for every $1 spent when you shop with any of CommBank’s bonus partners.

Using your CBA Awards Points

Here are some of the different ways that you can use your CommBank Awards points:

Pay with points when shopping at Myer:

You can use your CommBank Awards points to pay when shopping in-store at Myer. Just let the Myer team member know you’d like to pay for with your CommBank Awards Points at the register, then swipe your rewards card to make the payment.

Don’t have enough points to cover the total cost of your purchase? No worries! You can pay the difference in any other payment method accepted by Myer, plus, you’ll earn MYER one Credits for the full transaction.

Turn your points into travel at Flight Centre:

You can use your Awards points over the phone, via NetBank and the CommBank mobile app, or in-store at Flight Centre to pay for flights, holiday packages, cruises and more, with no blackout dates.

Booking a trip with Flight Centre gives you the flexibility to choose from a broad range of airline and accommodation options, whereas booking with frequent flyer points limits you to just the one airline your frequent flyer program is partnered with.

Shop with points via the exclusive Awards site:

Check out the Awards site via NetBank or the CommBank app to redeem your Awards points on a variety of Gift Cards, electronics, appliances, beauty products, homewares, movie tickets and more.

Turn Awards points into Frequent Flyer points:

Dedicated to a particular airline? Turn your Awards points into frequent flyer points with over 20 different airline partners, like Qantas Frequent Flyer and Velocity Frequent Flyer via the Awards site.

Redeem your points for cash:

You also have the option to redeem your Awards points for cash, credited into your credit card account, giving you the flexibility to use your points to buy, well, just about anything!

Flexibility with Points Plus Pay:

When shopping in-store at Myer, Flight Centre, or purchasing selected items on the Awards site, with Points Plus Pay, you can use your Awards points to pay for part of the purchase, then pay the rest with your CommBank credit card.

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