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Looking for a Velocity points boost? A Virgin credit card could be your ticket to free flights, bonus points and cool rewards. Check out the rewards credit cards below linked to the Velocity Frequent Flyer program and compare the latest deals.

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Get more rewards with a Virgin Credit Card

The thing about frequent flyer programs is that if you don’t fly often, it can be hard to earn enough points through the program to earn free travel. That’s why getting a Virgin credit card where every dollar you spend earns you Velocity Points can be a great way to make the most out of your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership.

But before you sign up for the shiniest card with the most bells and whistles, take a few minutes to read our quick FAQs below so that you find the best Virgin card for you and your spending needs.

    Which banking providers offer Virgin credit cards?

    Are there different types of Virgin credit cards?

    Are all points earnings the same with all Virgin Cards?

    What else should I look for in Virgin credit card?

    What fees do Virgin credit cards have?

    What can I use my Velocity Points for?

    Will my Velocity points ever expire?

    Got any other tips before I apply for a Virgin credit card?

Credit Card Reviews

NAB Low Fee Card credit card review

Overall rating   9 / 10

They are there to help

NAB were very good. I went to close a card account, so they offered me the card without an annual fee, which helps, as I try and pay the full amount each month, so I don't pay any interest.

Full review

Joy (NSW), reviewed 1 day ago

Bendigo Bank
Bendigo Bank credit card review

Overall rating   10 / 10

Great bank

I've had no problems with Bendigo bank. They're a steady hand in the financial services market.

Full review

Judy (TAS), reviewed 1 day ago

St.George Amplify Classic (Amplify Rewards) credit card review

Overall rating   10 / 10

Excellent service and friendly staff

I love this bank. I have never had a problem with them. When I've had concerns or questions, the staff have treated me with dignity and provided all the help and information that I needed.

Full review

Alan (ACT), reviewed 1 day ago

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