10 travel insurance essentials for the Easter Bunny and you!

While the Easter bunny is currently busy in his burrow weaving baskets and baking countless Easter eggs, soon he will hop across the globe to share his chocolate creations with the world.

But before he leaves, the Easter Bunny should take out a competitive travel insurance deal to ensure any overseas mishaps won’t hurt his pouch pocket.

Here’s what the Easter Bunny (and you) should consider when looking for a travel insurance policy:

1. Pre existing medical conditions cover

Don’t let the Easter Bunnies’ shiny coat of fur fool you, because his chocolate Easter egg diet is starting to take its toll.

With high cholesterol, the Easter Bunny may need to pay an extra premium or obtain a doctor’s certificate to ensure he has a travel insurance policy that covers his pre existing medical conditions, whilst he is delivering chocolatey goodness.

Mozo tip: Always check the PDS and disclosure statement for any pre existing medical conditions prior to travelling.

2. Unlimited medical cover

Speaking of overseas medical cover, the Easter Bunny will also need to find a policy that has unlimited medical cover. This is especially important when he visits the chocolate loving country of America where medical bills can cost a bunny big bucks.

You don’t have to pay through the nose for unlimited medical cover. Many basic policies come with high medical coverage, so see our Experts Choice Awards winners here.

3. Cancellation costs

If the Easter Bunny finds himself in a pickle and has to delay his travels due to Bali Belly or Yellow Fever, cancellation cover which ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 will save him from losing any money he’s paid towards flights and overseas burrow accommodation.

Cancellation cover is generally not included with basic travel insurance policies, so if you’re prepaying a lot of your holiday look at taking out a comprehensive policy.

4. Loss of income

Loss of income cover will also ensure the Easter Bunny is still paid his usual sum of carrots and of course Easter eggs, while he recovers from injury or illness for a set period of time.

5. Baggage

If the Easter Bunny loses his bottomless basket of eggs or it is stolen, he will find himself having more than a bad fur day. Thankfully, the right travel insurance policy with high luggage and personal effects cover, should more than cover him financially for his precious Easter egg loss.

6. Worldwide cover

Because the Easter Bunny is hopping from the banks of the River Thames to the lush forests of the Amazon, he will need to make sure he takes out ‘worldwide cover’, so he has complete protection in the majority of countries he is planning to visit.

While the Easter Bunny may be delivering Easter eggs to some hot spot areas, make sure you visit Smartraveller to ensure the country you’re travelling to is not listed as a ‘do not travel’ destination, as this may void your worldwide travel insurance.

7. Extreme sport cover

In order to deliver his chocolate egg gifts, the Easter Bunny will visit some remote locations by hopping across glaciers, going off-piste skiing, rafting through rough waters, abseiling down high cliffs and trekking to high peaks. So he will need to read the fine print to ensure he is covered, as these activities are often considered “adventure activities” or “extreme sports” by travel insurance providers.

Mozo tip: Be sure to read the PDS in full, as Mozo discovered last year some policies also exclude things like beach football.

8. Emergency dental

The Easter Bunny’s buck teeth are extremely important to him and it’s no wonder because he only has two! So if he finds his teeth are damaged whilst bouncing up the Great Wall of China or climbing Machu Picchu, by searching the travel insurance market for the right cover he will rest easy with the knowledge his travel insurance policy will cover any emergency dental procedures.

9. Personal liability

The Easter Bunny is always in a rush, as he’s only got a short time to hide millions of eggs for Easter hunts across the globe and has been known to accidentally damage property due to his heavy hopping. But if he takes out a travel insurance policy with high personal liability cover, he will be protected financially in the event of a broken fence or battered yard.

10. Pet care

If the Easter Bunny decides against bringing his bunny team with him on his trip, pet care cover will generally pay for kennel fees if his flight is delayed on his way back to his burrow by more than 24 hours.

Have you sorted out your travel insurance for your Easter break? Make like the Easter Bunny and compare policies in Mozo’s Experts Choice Travel Insurance hub to ensure you have the right cover for your overseas adventure.