Australia’s travel booking habits: how do you measure up?

How do you book travel? Do you pick up your phone and click on your favourite travel app on the way to work? Do you wait for the safety of your desktop computer, on a Wednesday night? To answer these questions and more, we asked Debby Soo the Vice President for KAYAK in APAC, to share the findings from their recent Mobile Travel Report. Here’s what they found:

1. A two-week tipping point

If your trip is set to be longer than two weeks, you are more likely to make the booking via a desktop computer instead of a mobile. Although an eye for detail is needed when mapping out lengthy travel, mobile apps have come a long way, with many now equipped with useful tools and functions. For instance, KAYAK’s Trips (a free online trip planner) is a traveller’s best friend when it comes to more complicated planning.

2. Aussies are willing to spend more when booking on their desktop than on their mobile

If you’re making a big purchase, it’s likely you’ll feel more comfortable doing it on desktop rather than mobile, despite one-third of all KAYAK searches which are conducted via mobile.

3. iPhone users are more likely to fly business class than Android users

If you use an iPhone, you’re all business. iPhone users are more likely to book business class flights than their Android counterparts.

4. Last minute trips are more likely to be booked on mobile

It may well be from scrolling through social media sites or texting a friend, but you’re more likely to book a spur of the moment trip on your mobile phone. Complex planning and careful preparation are more for the desktop user.

5. Aussie mobile users spend an average of 4.5 minutes booking flights

The flexibility of mobile means that booking travel can be quick and easy. So easy, in fact, that Aussie mobile users are cutting their booking time down to 4.5 minutes on average.

6. The Monday blues prompts Aussies to book travel

If you’re an iPhone or desktop user, Monday is the most popular time for you to book travel. If you’re an Android user, you get the blues associated with a new week even sooner, choosing to book a break on Sunday.

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About Debby

Debby Soo Debby Soo is the Vice President, APAC for KAYAK, where she oversees KAYAK’s expansion efforts in the Asia Pacific and Southwest Pacific region. Prior to KAYAK, Debby was a member of Google’s Strategic Partnership Group, working on business development efforts for Google Local/Maps. She is based in San Francisco, CA, but can be frequently found wandering the streets of Sydney looking for that perfect cup of coffee.