How to get the best value tour as a solo-traveller

Solo travel is a continually growing trend. According to the 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey, 24% of people travelled alone on their last vacation, which is a considerable jump from the 15% in 2013. But while travelling solo is becoming the new thing to do, you don’t want to be charged a premium for doing so. Instead consider the following advice from Matthew Cameron-Smith, Trafalgar Australia’s Managing Director, to ensure you get the best value tour for your solo adventure:

While the stereotypical solo-traveller is single and looking, these days you’re just as likely to find a solo-traveller who is married or in a committed relationship.

Solo-travellers are usually eager to connect with new people on their travels, and enjoy the freedom of choosing their own destination, travelling at their own pace and developing a personal connection to the places they visit. Interestingly, 37% of solo-travellers in 2015 were also first time travellers.

Why first-time solo travellers should go guided

Guided holidays are a great option for solo-travellers, particularly those who are travelling for the first time. Travellers are looking for immersive experiences where they can get beneath the surface of a destination but they also like the comfort in knowing they have people to share it with.

A guided holiday is a hassle-free and enjoyable way to discover a destination and provides security and camaraderie, so that there is never a feeling of loneliness when travelling solo. Travellers can be assured they are well taken care of every step of the way with an experienced travel director, as well as local specialists to accompany them in each city, so that they are not wasting time researching the best places to see or trying to find their way around – it’s all done for you!

Guided holidays also give solo travellers the chance to meet new people from all around the world, while still giving them their independence with leisure days and free time options. A good tour company will understand that solo travellers have different needs; some want the privacy of their own room whilst others rather save money and share. 

Strategies for solo travellers looking to get the best value tour holiday

1. Compare prices online: See what companies are offering in terms of value-for-money. Research what is included based on the price of the holiday. Are you being offered the same inclusions, accommodation standards and benefits at the same price?

2. Book at the right time: I recommend booking your travels six to twelve months in advance, with September to March being the ideal time to take advantage of early bird savings and secure solo traveller discounts that are waived on selected departure dates.

3. Look for single supplement waivers: In keeping with the growing solo-traveller trend, many travel companies including Trafalgar and Insight Vacations have waived the single supplement on a number of itineraries to encourage solo-travellers to enjoy a safe, convenient and rewarding guided holiday when travelling alone.

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About Matthew:

Trafalgar Matthew Cameron Smith (1) With over 25 years of experience within the tourism industry, Matthew Cameron-Smith was appointed Managing Director for Trafalgar Australia in February 2011. Over the past four years, Matthew has played an integral part in Trafalgar’s transformation and brand evolution as the global guided holiday leader, while providing leadership and direction to Trafalgar’s Australia team.