ING crowned Everyday Bank of the Year in Mozo Experts Choice Deposit Awards 2019

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The numbers have been crunched and the results for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards are in, with ING taking out awards for the best value in savings, term deposits, everyday accounts and more, showing that it’s a top choice for Aussies looking for everyday banking with great value and competitive interest rates.

ING bank isn’t foreign to Mozo Experts Choice Awards, in fact, it’s Savings Maximiser has scored a win in the Mozo Experts Choice savings accounts category every year since Mozo started handing out the awards, including this year.

But in 2019, ING’s everyday banking options have taken centre stage, as it takes out the title of Everyday Bank of the Year.

“It’s no surprise ING was named Everyday Bank of the Year, with consistent wins in awards across a number of categories in Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards each year, this great track record bodes well for its future,” said Mozo Data Manager Peter Marshall.

“The ING Orange Everyday account is a great example of everyday banking that really works for customers, which is why it keeps winning Mozo Experts Choice Awards.”

ING Orange Everyday
  • Free ATM withdrawals in Australia and overseas when you deposit $1,000 and make 5 card purchases using your ING debit card each month

  • No foreign transaction fees when you deposit $1,000 and make 5 card purchases using your ING debit card each month

  • Everyday round-up feature to help you save more

The ING Orange Everyday is one of the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Exceptional Everyday Account. The award says it all, this account is truly exceptional! With no account fees and no minimum opening deposit, this account has some very competitive offers. What’s more, this isn’t the first time the ING Orange Everyday has won this award, winning Mozo Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Everyday Account in 2018

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But it’s not the only ING product with the Mozo Experts Choice Award seal of approval. Here are the other Mozo Experts Choice Deposit Awards that ING took out in 2019:

Term Deposit -ING Term Deposit

Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Term Deposit was awarded to ING Term Deposit. It’s a top choice for Aussies wanting a safe place to stash their savings, with heaps of term options and competitive interest rates ranging from 2.00-2.90% p.a. You won’t pay any fees and you’ll also have the freedom to have your interest paid into a different bank of your choosing once your account reaches maturity.

Regular Saver- ING Savings Maximiser

A Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Regular Saver went to ING Savings Maximiser. Their savings account has a standard interest rate of 1.00% p.a. but if you have a linked Orange Everyday Account, deposit at least $1,000 a month from an external source (e.g. your salary) and make at least 5 purchases on your debit or credit card each month, you’ll get a bonus 1.80% p.a. That’s 2.80% p.a in total! To add to its great value, the account has no account fee, no balance minimum and free transactions over the phone and internet.

Excellent Banking App

The ING banking app nabbed a Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Excellent Banking App. With good reason, the app is designed to make online banking straightforward and it does more than just make it easy to transfer and send money, it also allows users to manage their cards, adjust transfer limits, and apply for new products. One of its cool highlights is its Everyday Round Up feature that rounds up your purchases and deposits the difference into your savings account.

Savings Innovation- ING Savings with IFTTT

ING Savings with IFTTT (If This Then That) took out a Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Savings Innovation. IFTTT makes it easy for ING customers to connect their everyday apps like Facebook, Instagram or Gmail to their banking. This fun and innovative way to save can even be used with your eligible fitness app, meaning you can be stashing money every time you hit your daily step or calorie targets.

Small Business Term Deposit- ING Business Term Deposit

The ING Business Term Deposit was awarded Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Small Business Term Deposit. With a range of some of the most competitive interest rates around, ING offers 2.80% p.a on 7-month terms, 2.85% for 1-year terms and 2.90% for 2-year terms. But the value doesn’t stop there, with no fees and a loyalty bonus when your deposit is rolled over at maturity, you’re looking at a term deposit that knows how to do business.

Small Business Kick Start Savings- ING Business Optimiser

The ING Business Optimiser took out a Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 for Small Business Kick Start Savings. It has an attractive 2.50% variable welcome rate for new customers, that then reverts to a 1.50% ongoing rate after the first 6 months. Plus, it has no fees or hidden charges, no minimum balance requirement and unlimited free transactions from internet and phone.

For the past five years the Mozo Experts Choice Awards have provided Aussies with a platform that highlights top value product categories including deposit and savings account, plus more. The selection process is a combination of hard-nosed calculations through Mozo’s database, with the best value for Aussies in mind. Check out the full list of Mozo Experts Choice Deposit Award 2019 winners.