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Energy bills the household tool costing you 674 a year

Energy bills: The household tool costing you $674 a year

Love it or hate it, summer is right around the corner and for many households, that means daily ice blocks, weekly trips to the local pools and of course, switching on the air conditioner. But did you know that 40% of your annual energy bill comes from heating and cooling appliances? According to recent Mozo analysis, that translates to $674 a year! “This year we’ve spent more time indoors than ever before so it’s only natural our energy bills are reflecting a higher consumption rate. As we head into the warmer months it’s important to be aware of the running costs of your household,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont. “While cooling and heating accounts for the lion’s share of most energy bills, our devices and appliances also make a considerable debt, costing an average of $421.25 a year.”

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Wa households to receive 600 electricity bill credit this week

WA households to receive $600 electricity bill credit this week

Over the long weekend Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announced that every WA household will be receiving a $600 electricity bill credit sometime this week. According to the Premier, the credit is expected to cover around four months worth of electricity expenses and is being provided to encourage WA households to increase their spending in preparation for Christmas. “This will give families the confidence to spend over Christmas and to make sure they support local businesses,” McGowan told reporters on Sunday. “We’re climbing out of COVID very rapidly. Our economy is the strongest in Australia. But we still want to give consumers confidence to spend over the coming months and this allows us to do that.”

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Australia s best solar energy plans 2020

Australia’s best solar energy plans 2020

Over two million Australian homes are now fitted out with rooftop solar, allowing households to reap the benefits of lower energy bills. But not all energy plans are alike, so how can solar households ensure that they’re getting the cheapest electricity possible? 

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Mozo reveals the best small business energy plans for 2020

Mozo reveals the best small business energy plans for 2020

Between random expenses you didn’t see coming and making sure your employees are paid on time, running a small business is no easy task. And with Covid-19 forcing many small business owners to work under new guidelines, staying on top of the latest energy deals might not be a priority. That’s why our expert judges do the heavy lifting for you in our annual Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards. These awards are designed to highlight the top energy deals in the market and give Aussies an insight into the retailers they should keep on their radar. “Comparing energy plans is often regarded as tricky business, because unlike a home loan or credit card, rates and fees aren’t always as visible,” said Mozo Expert Judge, Peter Marshall. “Our Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards take the hassle out of finding the best energy plan in the market, ensuring small businesses owners are able to sign up for a top deal, no matter what they’re after.” In order to uncover this year’s winners, our expert judges analysed 415 energy plans from 37 small business energy retailers before awarding the top performing retailers in each category. One winner worth mentioning is newcomer Powerclub, which took home a whopping seven awards, plus the prestigious title of 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Small Business Electricity Retailer of the Year. “While Powerclub may have only launched last year, they have certainly hit the ground running. They’re a retailer who do things differently, from their Powerbank cash buffer to transparent, wholesale prices,” said Marshall. “Powerclub are no stranger to the Mozo Experts Choice Awards either, as they took home a commendable 15 awards in 2019.”Other notable winners included Powershop and Energy Locals, which each took home an impressive four 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards and Blue NRG, which collected five awards. “Powershop in particular performed outstandingly in our Queensland category, with its Shopper Market Offer plan taking out three awards across the Electricity, Solar-friendly Electricity and Green Electricity categories,” said Marshall. Want to check out the other retailers who made it onto our winners list this year? Head on over to our full winner list page!

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The winners in the mozo experts choice awards for energy 2020 announced

The winners in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Energy 2020 announced

From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed at night, electricity is something you rely on. And whilst energy bills have always been a point of contention, the COVID-19 pandemic has sent them skyrocketing.The majority of Australian households will face higher energy bills this year. The pandemic has created higher energy usage across the country with many Aussies working from home, parents and children schooling from home and the increase in staying in on the weekends to stop transmission.So, if there’s ever been a year to take your energy plan seriously - this should be the one! “Energy bills, after mortgage repayments, can be one of our biggest household expenses as Australians. This year’s awards analysis showed that there can be big cost differences between energy plans, so it really pays to shop around,” said Mozo Expert and Awards Judge, Peter Marshall.The Mozo Experts Choice Awards are all about helping Aussies find the best value deals. For the 2020 Energy Awards Mozo’s Expert assessed over 650 residential and over 400 small business energy plans and ranked them by cost to find the best energy plans in each state. “Switching to a cheaper energy deal means more money in your pocket. Whether you’re a family or a small business, the less money you shell out for bills, the more money you have to spend on other essentials,” said Marshall.Residential electricity winnersReAmped has been named our Electricity Retailer of the Year, winning multiple awards for best value in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. ReAmped consistently ranked amongst the cheapest options available for residential customers, focussing on giving their customers the lowest energy prices possible without the offers and gimmicks other competitors tend to use.

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Australias best electricity companies 2020

Australia’s best electricity companies for 2020

With Australians now spending more time than ever at home, it’s no surprise their energy bills may be higher than usual. But did you know you could save potentially hundreds of dollars just by switching to one of the best electricity companies around?  While searching for the sharpest electricity prices in your state or territory can involve a lot of effort, it doesn’t have to. If you’re confused by all the jargon or feel overwhelmed by choice, Mozo has done the hard work of shopping around for you with our 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards.“Energy tariffs can be complicated and there are several factors you have to consider when figuring out which deals are going to give you the best value,” Mozo’s expert judge, Peter Marshall said. “So for the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, we do all those calculations for you and identify the plans that would be the cheapest for the majority of people.” This year, our expert judges took a deep dive into energy markets across the country: NSW, Victoria, South Australia, the ACT and south-east Queensland. They poured hours into comparing 662 products from 43 different residential retailers in order to determine the best of the bunch.And they found that in 2020, the little guys have won out over the big three retailers. Marshall explained that because the smaller providers aren’t able to rely on brand recognition, they compete on pricing instead. “We’ve been talking to a number of [these] retailers and they impress upon us just how few staff they run with, and yet they can offer the same services as the big guys at a much lower cost because of those lower overheads,” he said. Read on to see which electricity companies snatched the spotlight with their award-winning plans:

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Australias cheapest green plans could save you over 100

Green up Australia: Cheapest green energy plans could save you over $100

As a growing number of Australians look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, the good news is that going green doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, new research drawn from our 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Energy Awards shows that the cheapest green electricity plan in your state could actually be better value than the average electricity plan. Depending on your distribution zone, a household with average energy usage* could potentially save between $32 (in Northwest Melbourne) to $257 (in Adelaide) per year on the cheapest green plan, as opposed to the average electricity plan.Sydneysiders could snag $166 in potential annual savings, while Queenslanders and ACT residents could also save as much as $105 and $106 a year, respectively.

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