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Best green energy providers

Australia’s best green energy providers in 2021

While Australia still includes fossil fuels in its energy mix, renewable energy sources are on the rise. And it seems Australian consumers are following the industry’s lead, with our nation remaining a global leader in uptake of solar power system installation, according to the CSIRO.

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Australia s best energy plans

Australia’s best energy plans in 2021

With Aussies spending more time at home than ever before thanks to pandemic restrictions, you might’ve seen a recent spike in your energy bills. This means finding a competitive energy deal is all the more crucial.

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Nsw announces 80 billion green hydrogen plan

NSW announces $80 billion green hydrogen plan

The New South Wales government has announced a new green hydrogen plan that will offer $3 billion in incentives and look to attract over $80 billion in investments, as the state continues the push towards more renewable energy and reduced emissions. 

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Act announces 63 million emission reduction plan as states take lead on energy

ACT announces $63 million emission reduction plan as states take lead on energy

The Australian Capital Territory has announced a $63 million investment over four years in emission reduction, as part of the 2021-22 state budget. While the country continues the clean energy transition, a number of states and territories have begun to announce their own slew of schemes and programs to support further emission reductions. 

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