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Whether you’re gearing up for a DIY home renovation project or calling in the pros, here you’ll find a range of expertly written guides that list out the money must dos and don’ts when renovating or looking for a renovation loan, including how to add value without overcapitalising on your property.

The best way to fund your home renovation

Relaxing on your lounge sipping a glass of red you start thinking it’s about time we tear out that 1950’s kitchen and renovate, building a modern, more usable kitchen. Or maybe you start daydreaming about how a fresh coat of paint will brighten your living area. Regardless of how big or small your home renovation project may be you still need to find the funds to make it happen. 

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10 Quick weekend renos to add value to your home

You’ve read the weekend paper, gone for a lovely stroll and had your Sunday coffee, now you’re twiddling your thumbs looking for something to do. Look no more, we’ve got the solution, pick up a hammer or paintbrush and get to work on a quick and easy renovation task that will add value to your home. Given there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to DIY home renos, find some time over the weekend, don’t lounge around and pick up a tool and get cracking. While each home is unique, here are 10 projects that most homeowners would benefit from and best of all, you can knock them over in a weekend.

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10 Tips to renovating without breaking the bank

Shut your eyes and visualise your renovation project. Then, if you’re handy with a pencil, sketch it on a piece of paper. It may seem a little silly but this is how the pros operate. Drawing up a mind map is a great way to present your ideas to the renovation professionals. This big picture will also guide you through the renovation process, keep you on track and prevent you from spending unnecessarily. A solid plan also helps deter renovation surprises that can pop up along the way, resulting in additional costs that could break the bank.

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Boost the value of your place with these DIY renovations

Home renovation jobs can be endless from small scale tasks such as replacing light fittings to larger sized changes like building a pool! However, if you’re looking to add value to your home you don’t necessarily have to turn to the mammoth jobs requiring builders, architects and tradies. There are plenty of jobs you can do yourself! So pull out some old rags and get cracking on these DIY renovations that home reno experts say add value.

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Green renovation tips for a more sustainable home

Renovations are the perfect opportunity to make your home green and sustainable. Creating a sustainable home is no longer just a trend, it's part of our daily lives and crucial to reducing the impact we have on the environment. It doesn’t matter how small or large the renovation is, there’s always an opening to lighten your environmental footprint for short and long term benefits. Quality, environmental and sustainable design principles will save you thousands of dollars on energy and water bills while creating a more livable and healthier home. So follow our guide on how to incorporate sustainable principle designs into your home renovation. 

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Renovation tips for investors looking to flip

Who doesn’t like to earn a quick buck? The renovate and flip strategy is all about just that. It’s the concept of buying a rundown property below market price, jazzing it up to increase its value then reselling it just months later for a fast profit. It’s easy said than done and keep in mind, a flip can flop. However if you’re looking to flip follow this guide for renovation tips and more so you finish sunny side up!

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The Biggest Renovation Trends of 2016

Looking at updating your kitchen, bathroom or garden this year? Well here are some renovation trends to consider so your home makeover is modern, chic and most importantly a place where you want to spend time. Let us take you through the sizzling kitchen trends, hot bathroom fads, fashionable interior designs and renovation garden fazes of 2016.

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What reality TV shows like The Block and House Rules teach us about renovating

We’ve witnessed the dummy spits, tantrums and blowups on reality renovation TV shows but there are also some great pieces of advice when it comes to home makeovers that we can take away from these shows. Through the contestant’s tears and heartache to renovate an ideal children’s bedroom or a chic bathroom we’ve pulled out 5 key renovation messages.  So when you’re about to get stuck into your own renovations, minimize stress and drama by following these reality TV red hot tips.

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