5 Money apps to download in 2023: Bano, Frollo, Flux and more

lots of hands using lots of mobile phones to use the best banking and money apps for 2023

If you’ve made the commitment to be smarter with money in 2023, you might want to stay savvy with some of the tech tricks to help you get ahead.

Here at Mozo, we’re big fintech fans. We’re always looking for great options for budgeting apps and money management apps to make our finances a bit easier - or a bit more fun. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve in 2023, you’re sure to find a match in this roundup of apps on our radar for the year ahead.


What is it? Bano is a banking app that lets you do all of your non-cash banking in one place. From splitting the bill to sending and receiving up to 37 currencies, you can put all your eggs in one basket with Bano. 

Why are we loving it in 2023? Bano received its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) in December 2022, so they’re a newer player in the money app market.

We’re all about their cashback offers. Using the Bano Visa card could earn you up to 1.8% cashback on your spending, and using ApplePay or GooglePay on split bills in the Bano app can earn you up to 20% cashback (terms & conditions apply).


What is it? Flux^ know that everything is easier when it’s a game, so they’ve made saving fun! They offer a gamified way to set a weekly savings goal and stay on top of your credit score.

Why are we loving it in 2023? We love Flux because we love anything that makes your savings account look even more attractive! Transferring $25 to your linked savings account every week unlocks the opportunity to guess at a secret 7-digit code, so this could be a great option if you’re feeling like 2023 is your year. They give away 3 x $100 every week, and do a draw for $250,000 to one winner if the 7-digit code is guessed correctly!


What is it? WeMoney^ is an app all about managing your money smarter, and knowing where it's all going. You can track all of your accounts, payments and debts in one place, finding where exactly your money is going and where you can stand to save.

Why are we loving it in 2023? No more setting and forgetting - in 2023, we're all about knowing exactly where our money goes! That means knowing all of the streaming services and ongoing payments that we've lost sight of, and knowing which accounts we could score better rates on. WeMoney is a great option for that, bringing everything to the one place and tracking overall financial health.


What is it? Frollo is one of the only apps in Australia letting you take advantage of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) and open banking. What it means is that you can have all of your accounts with different providers in one place - and you can see where you could be getting a better deal.

Why are we loving it in 2023? If you want to prioritise getting the best deal possible in 2023, using an open banking platform like Frollo is a major step. It puts the ability to compare rates and offers at your fingertips, and gives Frollo the power to make those changes with your authorisation - no going to the banks themselves.


What is it? Gone are the days when Wise existed for international money transfers alone - today, Wise offers you the ability to hold physical and digital cards with up to 50 different forms of currency. Whether you’re generating a single-use digital card for online shopping somewhere a little sketchy or spending abroad in local currency, this app makes managing money easily in nearly every country.

Why are we loving it in 2023? We’re manifesting a year of open borders, world travel and endless possibilities - and we’ll need a travel money app that lets us spread our wings! Anything that makes that a little bit easier, and a little bit more cost effective? That’s on our radar.


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^Flux and WeMoney are commercial partners of Mozo, using the Mozo Marketview platform and associated market data.