Latest from personal finance app Finch: FinchPay for businesses

Today, consumer finance app, Finch, has released FinchPay as part of the new FinchXP platform for businesses. 

Founded in 2017, Finch began as a personal finance app aimed at making it easier for users to pay friends, split bills amongst groups and track social spending. 

Now, the company has spread its wings and launched FinchXP, designed to assist businesses and financial institutions to boost the digital banking and payment experience for consumers. 

Notably, the platform offers learning technology so that it can provide advanced personalisation to help encourage customer engagement and ultimately improve financial health.  

"Consumers are increasingly expecting the same kind of customer experience and personalisation in finance, as they do from social media and Google,” Finch, CEO Toby Gardner, said. 
“FinchXP is the result of years of modeling customer journeys, data intelligence, and financial products to determine how the technology and data would need to interact and connect with each other - adapting to changes in user behaviour and financial priorities."

But where does FinchPay come in? 

FinchPay is the first of FinchXP’s integrated banking solutions for businesses working in the shared economy. It makes customer payments quicker and easier, by allowing users to pay using their Finch digital wallet. 

The first company to jump on board is dynamic payment platform, EatClub, which allows restaurants to fill empty tables by offering hungry Aussies discounts at off-peak times.
Currently, EatClub allows partnering restaurants to adjust their prices throughout the day, based on demand, and offer discounts to help fill tables, but plans to rollout in-app ordering and payments on takeaway deals.
FinchPay will be a payment option within the EatClub app at the checkout on takeaway orders, where users will be redirected to the Finch app and must have an account to make a transaction. 

“As a marketplace platform, FinchPay solves our problem of distributing payments across our restaurant network,” EatClub CEO, Pan Koutlakis said.
“This, paired with Finch’s proven group payments functionality for customers, makes this an innovative solution we’re proud to adopt.”

What are the benefits of FinchPay? 

So why use FinchPay instead of a debit card, Paypal or even Apply Pay? Well, FinchPay offer the following functions to benefit both businesses and customers. 

FinchPay for businesses

  • Accept bills paid in-app via a credit or debit card, or the customer’s Finch balance 
  • Split payments with multiple merchants and suppliers on every transaction 
  • Have access to data intelligence on the FinchXP platform about the newest merchant and industry trends

FinchPay for customers 

  • Easily pay online via a credit or debit card, or their Finch balance 
  • Split the bill with friends and family, straight away or later on, all via the Finch App 

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