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Give yourself an instant pay rise by refinancing your home loan 

With the Reserve Bank of Australia making three cuts to the official cash rate in 2019, and another two in March 2020, home loans rates have been tumbling. So if you haven’t taken a look at your home loan rate in a while, now might be as good a time as ever to take things into your own hands and make payday come early by switching to a better home loan deal. 

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How a rate rise could affect you

It may have been over seven years since the RBA last moved the official cash rate upwards, but that doesn't mean Australia's historically low rates will last forever. In fact, the RBA recently publicised its desire to break the streak of rate holds by forecasting a rate lift sometime in the future. 

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Rate rise or refinance? The choice is yours

Australian's have enjoyed some seriously low home loan rates for a long time, but the winds may finally be changing with recent indications from RBA Governor Philip Lowe hinting that a rate rise may finally be on the way. 

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Refinancing tips & tricks

When’s the last time you revisited your home loan to see if it’s still competitive? Chances are you may be signed up with an outdated mortgage with a high interest rate and not much flexibility.

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