RBA's July decision: rates on hold at 2.75%


Tuesday 02 July 2013

At its monthly meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to leave the official interest rate on hold at 2.75%.

In a statement, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said: "the easier financial conditions now in place will contribute to a strengthening of growth over time, consistent with achieving the inflation target".

Break down the Bankworld jargon for me, please!

This month's decision is a cautious one, informed by a pretty mixed bag of economic signs.

May's 25 basis point cut has produced optimal and desired results, with the previously high Australian dollar now sitting well below parity with its American counterpart. This downward turn has provided a much boost to the export sector. In line with this, manufacturing figures are also positive, responding well to the healthy trading climate.

Despite these strong indicators of current economic growth, the news isn't looking as good for the next six months. Economists are predicting a slump in employment and job creation figures, and, as ever, the decline of the mining boom continues to loom large on the fiscal horizon.

In light of the above, the Reserve Bank is essentially playing it safe, and waiting to see what the next few months will bring. The next official inflation reading will be released on July 24, and it is likely that that figure will play a big role in shaping the Board's August decision.

So watch this space, folks! It is likely that we will see further cuts before too long.

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