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Do you like a little luxury with your spending experience? With a black credit card you can enjoy all the high class perks and rewards life has to offer, from frequent flyer points to exclusive event tickets booked through your very own concierge service. See below a listing of black card deals or compare all rewards cards with our rewards revealer.

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Black credit card essentials

The pinnacle of premium credit cards, black credit cards offer plenty of rewards and perks, and guarantees cardholders a little extra luxury with their spending. These cards are all about status, prestige and VIP treatment.

The cards are provided by either VISA, MasterCard or AMEX, depending on the bank and what package you opt for, and give you a sky-high credit limit, uncapped rewards points and access to plenty of exclusive services. But they also have higher fees and interest rates, not to mention some pretty strict eligibility criteria.

A quick google search will tell you that black credit cards are shrouded in mystery - on purpose. It all adds to the allure of the luxe, high end credit card. But Mozo have cut through the smoke and mirrors to bring you the details of what a black credit card is all about.

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Credit Card Reviews

NAB Low Fee Card credit card review

Overall rating   9 / 10

They are there to help

NAB were very good. I went to close a card account, so they offered me the card without an annual fee, which helps, as I try and pay the full amount each month, so I don't pay any interest.

Full review

Joy (NSW), reviewed 1 day ago

Bendigo Bank
Bendigo Bank credit card review

Overall rating   10 / 10

Great bank

I've had no problems with Bendigo bank. They're a steady hand in the financial services market.

Full review

Judy (TAS), reviewed 1 day ago

St.George Amplify Classic (Amplify Rewards) credit card review

Overall rating   10 / 10

Excellent service and friendly staff

I love this bank. I have never had a problem with them. When I've had concerns or questions, the staff have treated me with dignity and provided all the help and information that I needed.

Full review

Alan (ACT), reviewed 1 day ago

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