Everything you need to know about the Citi Rewards program


Meet the Citi Rewards program: where customers can use their points on a bunch of stuff like merchandise, travel or eVouchers. There is a tonne of different rewards credit card options offered by Citibank, which let you earn points on domestic and international spending. 

Some of these cards let you earn Citi Rewards points which can be spent on merchandise, vouchers or even be converted to cash on the Citi Rewards website. Other cards by Citibank convert points you earn directly to other rewards programs, like Qantas Frequent Flyer or flybuys. 

Types of rewards you can earn with Citi

Citi’s massive rewards program has you covered across retail, travel, online gift cards and other bonus benefits. Some of the freebies you can earn include:

How many Citi Rewards points can I earn?  

There are a bunch of different credit cards included in the Citi Rewards program, and which one you opt for will determine how many points you earn on each dollar you spend. Options range from standard rewards cards, through to premium plastic with all the bells and whistles, along with higher points earning power. With selected Citi Rewards cards, customers are able to link a Diners Club card, which gives the ability to earn even more points through the Diners Rewards program.

How to redeem points 

The Citi Points you’ve earned can be redeemed on the Citi Rewards website. You’ll have to log into your Citi online banking account to access your points balance before you start making transactions. Once a purchase is complete, the amount of points you spent is subtracted from the overall points balance you had. 

For cards that are connected with other rewards points programs, like Skyward miles, Flybuys or Frequent Flyers, points are immediately converted (and cannot be used at the Citi Rewards website). Instead, they can be used on the websites of the specific program - say you’ve been using the Emirates Citi World credit card, you’re Skyward miles can be redeemed on the Emirates website.

Which Citi Rewards card is right for me? 

There are a number of rewards credit cards that let you earn points with the Citi Rewards program. Check them out: 

Citi Rewards Classic Credit Card

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Rewards - Bonus Points Offer

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Rewards - flybuys Offer

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Premier Qantas Credit Card

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Emirates World Mastercard

Frequently asked questions

What other features do Citi Rewards cards offer?

Depending on what Citi Rewards card you use, there are a bunch of other benefits just for having the card! On many of its rewards credit cards, Citi offers things like complimentary travel insurance, access to Citi World Privileges and Citibank Dining Program, airport lounge access and more. 

Do I need to sign up for the Citibank Dining Program or Citi World Privileges separately?

Both the Citibank Dining Program and Citi World Privileges are included across all Citi Rewards credit cards. You don’t have to sign up to the programs separately, simply mention that you are a Citi card holder and show your eligible credit card, and you should receive the benefits.

When do Citi Rewards points expire?

They don’t! Your Citi Rewards points won’t expire as long as your Citi Rewards credit card remains active.

If I upgrade my Citi Rewards card, do my points transfer?

If you decide to switch cards, like from a Classic Rewards to a Prestige or Signature Rewards card, your points will be carried from one card to the next. Your older points will show up on the credit card statement of your new card, and any new ones made will be added to the balance.

What transactions don't earn me Citi Rewards points?

While you can earn points on transactions both overseas and domestically with the Citi Rewards program, there are a few things that won’t earn you points even if you use your Citi Rewards card. These include balance transfers, BPay payments, payments to other Citi accounts, cash advances, fees and charges and government payments. Keep in mind, any transactions where you are using Citi Rewards points, you won’t receive points back.

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