NAB Rewards Program: the ultimate guide


The NAB Rewards Program is a scheme where customers can earn points on everyday purchases when they use a NAB Rewards Signature or Premium card.

These accumulated points can be used at the online NAB Rewards store, where there are a tonne of options for spending points, whether it’s on personal items, travel expenses or even for cash back.

Types of rewards 

The NAB Rewards Program has an array of ways rewards members can use their points from clothes and electronics, to experiences and flights through Webjet, it’s all up to the customer.  

On the NAB Rewards Store website, where you can redeem your points, customers are really spoilt for choice on both big and small items.

How many NAB Rewards points can I earn?  

The type of NAB rewards card you have will determine the number of points you earn for every dollar you spend.

NAB Rewards Platinum Card1.00 points on every dollar
NAB Rewards Signature Card1.25 points on every dollar

The points you earn accumulate over time as you spend, and can be used whenever you like as they are uncapped and never expire. 

Keep in mind, there are ways to double and triple your NAB Rewards points on certain purchases. Any purchases made at major department or hardware stores like Myer or Mitre 10 can double your points, but you can triple your points when you book flights or make overseas purchases on your NAB Rewards card. The cards also often come with introductory offers that give you the opportunity to earn thousands of bonus points when you meet a minimum spend criteria.

How to redeem points 

All points earned on the NAB Rewards Program can be redeemed at the NAB rewards store online. Simply log in to your NAB online banking and choose a reward for yourself. Once you have made the transaction, the amount of points you spent will be deducted from your overall points balance. 

And since points are uncapped and don’t expire, it’s really up to you how you spend them, you can use them on small things like clothes or save them up for a new iPad or laptop.  

Similarly, if you are wanting to book a flight or a holiday, you can log in directly through Webjet’s website and spend your NAB rewards points there.

Also note that for NAB Rewards Signature Card holders, there is a range of exclusive products that can only be purchased with points made on that particular card. These items are usually more expensive, like jewellery or electronics, and are under the “Premium Rewards” section of the NAB Rewards store website.

Which NAB rewards card is right for me? 

There are two different credit cards that are part of NAB’s own Rewards Program (see table below). NAB also offers cards attached to the Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme, for more information head to our NAB credit card provider page. 

NAB logo


Rewards Signature Card

NAB logo


Rewards Platinum Card

Frequently asked questions

What other features do NAB Rewards card offer?

As you can guess by their name, the main feature of the NAB Rewards cards is the ability to gain points as you spend and then redeem those points for travel, gift cards, cashback or retail products. However, there are other benefits that are worth mentioning. For example, both the NAB Rewards Platinum and Signature cards come with bonuses like Travel and Burglary Insurance, while all NAB Rewards cards offer a 44 interest-day period.

Is there an annual fee for NAB Rewards?

There is no annual fee for signing up to the NAB Rewards program. Instead, each of the different NAB Rewards credit cards have annual fees, but they differ depending on which one you choose. The NAB Rewards Signature card costs $295 per year and the Platinum card costs $195. Generally the higher the annual cost of the NAB Rewards card, the bigger benefits - like higher points earnings on every dollar or more potential bonus points for your spending in the first two months. It’s up to you to make the call on whether you’ll get enough value from the points earning on offer to justify a higher price tag.

What won't earn me points?

With the NAB Rewards Program you earn points on many of your everyday purchases, but there are few exceptions to be mindful of. Things like: 

  • Cash advances 
  • Bank charges
  • ATO payments
  • Buying foreign exchange 
  • Gambling 

Keep in mind that any additional card holders on the one NAB Rewards account won’t earn points for themselves, rather the points earned will go towards the same balance as the primary card holder, they are not separate.

If I decide to switch to a different NAB Rewards card what will happen to me points?

If you decide it’s time for a new rewards credit card, for example, if you switch from a NAB Rewards Platinum card to a Signature card, or vice versa, all your existing points are transferred from your current card to your next. There’s no need to worry that you will lose your points, all your hard work isn’t for nothing.

Also be aware that if you decide to cancel your NAB Rewards card all together, you have up to 60 days from the day you request cancellation to use your points. After that time period any remaining points on the account will be forfeited.

When do NAB Rewards points expire?

Your NAB Rewards points never expire, and can be used whenever you want on whatever is available to you at the NAB Rewards store. Also, keep in mind that NAB Rewards points are uncapped so there is no limit on how many you collect over time, which gives you room to save them up for something big, like a flight or new laptop, if you want to.

If a rewards program like this sounds right up your alley, head over to our Rewards Credit Cards Comparison Table to find what suits you best.If a rewards program like this sounds right up your alley, head over to our Rewards Credit Cards Comparison Table to find what suits you best.