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12 month term deposits

  • Unimpressed by the stormy investment seas? Don't put your cash under the mattress - make it work hard for you with a high interest term deposit. After all, where interest is concerned more is more.

  • What happens when the 1 year term deposit period is finished?

    After your term deposit period is finished you'll be able to access your money and the interest you've earned. At this point,you could sign up again for another term deposit, transfer the cash into other investments or just spend it and enjoy your interest earnings. Some banks will also give you the option of automatic rollovers so you can continue to receive high interest until you make up your mind. Want more info? Check out our guide, Term Deposit Features.

  • Does it matter if interest is paid monthly, quarterly or at the end of term?

    It sure does! Interest is usually calculated daily, so the sooner that money is yours (ie the more frequently you're paid) the sooner it can be in your account working hard for you and earning you more interest. Do pay attention to the payment frequency as it can really add up! Spot the difference that payment frequency will make with our term deposit calculator.

  • How do I get a 12 month high interest term deposit? Can I apply online?

    It's really simple to do just like opening a bank account. Once you've found the best bank term deposit that best suits your needs simply click the 'go to site' button and you'll be guided through an easy online application.

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  • Term Deposit

    • Minimum investment $5,000 to lock in a fixed rate of return
    • Safe and secure with an Australian Government Guarantee
    • Flexible terms, choose from 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months and 24 months


    2.65% p.a.
    1 year



  • Term Deposit

    • No set-up fees
    • Choose a term from 1 month to 5 years
    • Apply online in minutes. No account keeping fees


    2.75% p.a.
    1 year



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