5 Rugby World Cup bill shock blunders to avoid

Tickets to the Rugby World Cup 2015, check. Hotel bookings in London, check. Wallabies jersey, check. Congratulations, you’re almost set for the rugby hysteria that’s going to hit the UK this September.

Now while you spend the next few months brushing up your rugby conversation and etiquette skills, it’s also a good idea to do some World Cup money pre-planning. We don’t want to bust your grand party plans, but coming home with a debt hangover that lasts until the Japan 2019 Rugby World Cup won’t be ideal!

Here are 5 Rugby World Cup bill shockers you definitely need to avoid:

1. Endless bar tab: Of course you’re going to have a Guinness guzzling session with your mates while you cheer on the green and gold. But rather than handing over your credit card to the barman and hoping that no one orders top-shelf cocktails when it’s your turn to shout a round, set up a kitty and pay for all drinks using this money. It’s all good to celebrate a Wallabies’ victory but let’s not forget, you want the drinks to overflow, not your credit card bill.

2. Hotel extras: Don’t let a last minute room upgrade snip a large hole in your pocket! Hotels in the UK are going to be chockablock this September hosting rugby fans like you from all over the world. That’s why it makes sense to bag a good bargain on accommodation while there’s still time and not fall for hidden charges that can suddenly slip into your bill at the time of checkout. So if the Internet is essential for your everyday survival, get a hotel that provides free WiFi or get a cheap data pack for your phone. There’s no need to pay $20 extra every day for accessing Internet in your room. Also, avoid indulging in the overpriced drinks and snacks in the mini bar. Spend your money at the local cafe for food that’s better quality and more reasonably priced.

3. Phone roaming charges: Why pay outrageous international roaming charges in the UK when you can easily get a local SIM with Internet for about $20? Just don’t be in a hurry to buy it as soon as you land because SIM cards at the airport are generally more expensive and don’t include talktime. Wait till you get to the city, there are plenty of providers that sell good local chip, which you can use during your stay.

4. Overseas transaction fees: The problem with these fees is that you don’t realise how much they’ll add up to until it’s too late. Most credit cards charge around 3% of the total value of the transaction for overseas card payments, so on a $5,000 holiday you’ll pay around $150 in fees. You can avoid these by packing a travel friendly credit card that doesn’t charge international transaction fees on purchases.

5. Cash advances: It may seem super convenient to withdraw money from your credit card when you run out of cash on a vacation, but ATM withdrawals from a credit card comes with a hefty price tag. You’ll pay a cash advance fee and you’ll start paying high interest immediately meaning that $15 beer and curry deal could turn into a $50 debt headache!