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What is fintech?

Fintech, it sounds like just another buzzword. But fintech, or financial technology, is a booming and exciting new space - one in which innovation is the name of the game. Given the expansive role technology already has in almost every part of our lives, it makes sense that it will also be a major driver in the way the future banking and financial sectors are shaped.   

But just how is technology changing these sectors, and what does it mean for the way Australians do their everyday banking and manage their finances?

From apps on our phones that make budgeting and saving money more straightforward to major changes in the way banks are set up and operate, fintech is aiming to make life easier for customers with faster, easier and more personalised banking.

But it doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re a tech lover or a finance guru, you’ll want to stay up to date with all of our fintech articles and guides, or if you’re just getting started, read on below for a deeper dive into the most frequently asked fintech questions.

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