3 new Apple Pay services to get familiar with

Three fintechs have recently been welcomed to the Apple Pay family, and for Aussies who love all things banking tech, we think they are worth knowing about. 

Cache, the Vault app and Wildcard have just introduced Apple Pay as part of their digital payment options on their respective apps. 

They’ve joined a long list of financial institutions that have been jumped on board the Apple Pay train, as mobile payments become more and more popular amongst cardholders. 

So without further adieu, familiarise yourself with these three fintechs that now offer Apple Pay.


Australian fintech, Cache, is an everyday investment account that operates from its easy to use mobile app.

The app is yet to be launched, but once it is, users will be able to set up a Cache account, move money in and out of the account and transfer funds between investments. Customers will be able to align their investment goals with their life goals by choosing an investment strategy that suits them, whether that’s a conservative, balanced or growth option offered by Cache. 

Not only that, Cache will offer a simple transaction account on its app with a debit card that can be used to make purchases. Customers will also receive a BSB and account number so they can send and receive money in and out of the app whenever they want to, all with a simple tap. And now that Cache have introduced Apple Pay, you will soon be able to add the card to your mobile wallet!

Stay tuned to find out further details about fees, features and more once the account launches.

The Vault App 

The Vault App makes it even easier to make mobile payments with cards you already own, all in one place. By adding your card details to the app, you can make payments instantly online and send money via your smartphone and now, make purchases using Apple Pay.

The Vault App accepts both Visa and Mastercard, but doesn’t accept other payment options like American Express, prepaid cards or Paypal at the moment. There is also a minimum $5 spend on purchases and a small $2.00 service fee when you use The Vault App. 

But that’s not all they have on offer. There is also an option for businesses, with app functions to help with paying vendors, sales tracking and reporting, and building loyalty and rewards programs easier. 


A digital account with Wildcard could be the perfect place to keep your savings stash, with automated top up functions and spend and savings tracking. Wildcard offers a user friendly app connected with a debit card that can be used to make everyday purchases and shop online.

It can be hard to resist spending your entire paycheck sometimes, but with Wildcard you can spread out your earnings over a savings and spending account so you can keep track of exactly where your money is and where it’s going. Similarly, you can take advantage of automatic account top ups, where you nominate how much you want to put away, how often and for what purpose (a trip to Hawaii perhaps?), and WildCard will take care of the transfers. Just set and forget.   

The Wildcard debit card is also pretty handy too, and can now be added to your mobile wallet through Apple Pay. The card comes with no account, domestic transaction or  ATM fees. Bear in mind though, while you can use your Wildcard overseas you will be subject to whatever the conversion rate it and an additional 2.99% foreign exchange fee. 

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