Credit Union SA banking app review

About Credit Union SA

If you live in South Australia, chances are you’ve heard of Credit Union SA. After all, they’ve got over 50,000 members! But Credit Union SA don’t just offer their services to South Australians, they’ve got an extensive range of award-winning bank accounts, home loans and credit cards available to Australians across the country.

What does the Credit Union SA app do?

Bringing banking to your pocket - that’s the gist of the Credit Union SA app. So if you love the convenience of being able to transfers money between your accounts or to your friends, check your balance and pay your bills all from your smartphone then the Credit Union SA app could be the perfect companion.

But there’s more. As you’d expect from a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award Excellent Banking App winner, the Credit Union SA app goes beyond the norm. Credit Union SA customers can go cashless with a mobile ballet by tapping and paying with wearable fitness devices using Garmin and Fitbit Pay, and depending on their smartphones, Google, Samsung or Apple Pay.

When it comes transferring money, the Credit Union SA app also allows users to pay instantly over the New Payments Platform (NPP) with PayID, bay bills on the spot with BPay and make international payments - all from the app!   

                               Image: The Credit Union SA mobile banking app for Android

Features we love

Credit Union SA have really put the effort into making a good looking and streamlined banking app. With a simple main interface and handy sidebar, accessing accounts, making payments and changing settings is a real breeze.

But when it comes to features themselves, the Credit Union SA app allows customers to:  

  • Apply for a new transaction account in-app
  • Use ‘quick view’ to peak at your balance without logging in  
  • Schedule future transfers and recurring payments
  • Make payments with their phones through Apple, Google or Samsung Pay
  • Pay with wearable devices via Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay
  • Instantly transfer money to other bank accounts through PayID
  • Login with a fingerprint or PIN
  • Lock their card or change their card PIN

We’re not so hot on…

There’s no doubt that the Credit Union SA app is a great mobile banking option, but it does currently lack the ability for customers to get a better overview of their finances with a spend categorisation or spend tracking feature.

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