In charge of the office sweep for Melbourne Cup? Here’s how Beem It can help

Whether you do it every year or it’s your first time running the show, there’s a real sense of responsibility that comes with  organising the Melbourne Cup office sweep. 

But along with this responsibility comes the unfortunate chore of chasing up colleagues who strategically 'forget' to cough up their share.

Not anymore. 

Thanks to instant payment app Beem It and its newly crafted Beem It sweepstake system that streamlines the payment process, Aussies can now enjoy a smoother Cup Day. 

“Australia is predicted to become a cashless society by 2020, and it’s affecting all kinds of activities from busking to office collections. This digital solution is a way for us to live up to our mission of making payments more human and social as well as instant and easy,” said Beem It CEO, Angela Clark. 

“The Beem It team has developed a simple way for offices or groups of people to track and assign horses while organising payments instantly, with greater visibility around who has paid what.”

How does it work? 

After the organiser signs into their account, they’ll need to enter their sweepstake amount (either $2, $5 or $10) and click ‘Generate’ to create a sheet with QR codes for each horse. Once the QR codes have been printed out, cut and shuffled, participants then choose a horse at random and scan the QR code. 

Participants can then swipe to pay, officially entering the sweep! 

Just keep in mind that in order to use the system, all participants must download and sign up to the Beem It app. 

Using Beem It post Melbourne Cup 

Thinking of keeping Beem It around once the races stop? Well you’ll be happy to know that almost two weeks ago, Beem It launched two new payment features that are designed to make sending money to yourself and others as easy as pie. 

The first feature ‘Transfer’ allows users to link up to three debit cards so they’re able to move cash between their accounts seamlessly, no matter who the bank account is with. 

‘Scheduled payments’ is the second feature that helps users stay on top of their recurring or future payments, from yoga classes to monthly subscriptions. 

What is Beem It?

If you’ve been out of touch with the latest payment apps to hit the market, allow us to introduce you to Beem It. 

Beem It is an instant payment app that’s owned by three of Australia’s biggest banks: NAB, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank. 

Any Aussie with a Visa or Mastercard can sign up, regardless of which bank they’re with and it’s even available to small business owners. 

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