Mobile payments: ‘The Payment App’ takes on global giants PayPal and Square

With the launch of a new innovative payments platform, Australian fintech company The Payment App has thrown down the gauntlet to competitors PayPal and Square. The minds behind this new technology are determined to revolutionise the industry, including how businesses utilise digital payment platforms.

Introducing The Payment App

The first thing you should know about The Payment App is that it’s not just one app. It’s actually the name of an Aussie fintech company that has developed a whole suite of payment apps. These include:

  • Fill: This one is yet to be released, but if you have your own set of wheels then you might want to look out for it. The aim of the app is to help you save money on petrol, it does this by finding special offers and the lowest prices near you.

  • Clipp: A mobile payments app, Clipp allows you to split bills and keep track of your spending. So, if you enjoy dining out or visiting your local pub with friends, this could be a good option to help keep tabs on your outgoings.

  • Rentive: Designed for renters, this app makes applying for leases and paying bonds and weekly rent easier.

  • Shift Staff: Coming soon, the aim of the Shift Staff app will be to help hospitality venues find qualified staff for upcoming events.

  • Investio: Another one that is yet to be released, Investio is described as a ‘micro-investing app’ that will enable more conscientious and ethical investment opportunities.

Revolutionary new tech

Of course the one thing these apps have in common is the technology behind them. Managing director and chief executive, Allan Evans says this new payment gateway technology can both handle quick and secure payment transactions and help businesses tailor advertising. The last part is achieved with an AI-driven data engine that provides insights into customer behaviour.

“Businesses that use The Payment App will have a clear advantage over competitors who stick with their traditional payment gateways,” said Evans.

According to The Payment App, this new tech will help merchants, consumers, financial institutions, businesses and brands alike. The fintech says consumers will be able to take back control of their personal data. At the same time, businesses will be able to design better marketing campaigns, having better knowledge of their customers to do so.

Moving towards a cashless society

According to research from Quora Creative, 40% of all global transactions are now made with a mobile device. The world was already moving towards a cashless society, but Evans says the need to develop this new technology was at least partly spurred on by Covid-19.

“There is a global opportunity to embrace technology that offers the full spectrum of digital possibility for merchants,” said Evans.

Of course, besides the obvious wish to avoid physical money right now, there is big money to be had in the data acquisition that comes with digital payments. So much so, in fact, that the International Data Corporation predicted companies would spend approximately $286 billion on big data acquisition in 2020 alone.

Evans says The Payment App’s technology combines both of these markets, handling sales and collecting consumer data at the same time.

So far The Payment App has raised $350,000 to fund its innovative new tech and is seeking to raise an additional $1 million via a campaign with OnMarket.

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