People's Choice Credit Union banking app review

About People’s Choice Credit Union

People’s Choice Credit Union (PCCU) is currently one of Australia’s largest credit unions, with over 365,000 members across SA, NT, VIC, WA and ACT. As a member-owned bank, everything it does is geared towards benefiting its members, and it’s safe to say it’s doing a pretty great job of it. Last year alone, PCCU nabbed an impressive six Mozo People’s Choice Awards. 

What does the People’s Choice Credit Union app do?

The PCCU app is a money management app that makes doing your everyday banking simple and hassle-free. You can easily check your balance, make payments, and transfer between accounts. In addition, PayID is also available through the app, so if you like sending and receiving money fast, all you need to do is link your phone number or email address.

For an overview of the bank accounts you'll be able to use your PCCU app with, make sure you check out our People’s Choice Credit Union bank account page.

                                     Image: The PCCU mobile banking app for Android

Features we love

With a simple interface and a range of handy features, it’s hard not to love the PCCU banking app. After all, our expert judges did, which is why it was awarded a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for Excellent Banking App. But here are a few things that stood out the most for us:

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are all supported.
  • Quick Balance lets you check your funds without having to log in.
  • PayID allows you to make quick and easy payments without having to rely on your BSB and account number.
  • You can locate nearby branches and ATMs, or punch in a postcode or suburb and see what’s available there.
  • There’s the option to notify PCCU if you’re planning on going overseas. That way they can make sure any shady activity doesn’t show up on your card.
  • Card limits can be adjusted through the app and cards can be outright cancelled if need be.
  • New transaction accounts can be signed up for in-app.
  • The app allows you to schedule future and recurring payments.

We’re not so hot on…

At the moment, users are unable to make overseas transfers through the app, so anyone looking to send or receive money from overseas will have to either hop online or make their way to a branch.

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