Third party car insurance

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A third party what? There are so many different insurances we need to consider in our lives, from life to health and everything in between. So when it comes to your car, you’d think that CTP (also known as greenslip) is enough, right? Unfortunately, no.

Your CTP just covers your physical self if injured in an accident where you’re at fault and or the physical damage to other people in an accident. When we register our car in Australia, some states and territories will include the CTP cost in the price of your registration. Take a more comprehensive look at what a greenslip will do for you, here.

But on top of your greenslip, you need to consider third party property car insurance.
Although we don’t compare third party car insurance at Mozo, we do want to help you better understand what it is as well as know what your options are. Just to add to the confusion but hopefully clarify it for you, there are two options when it comes to third party:

  • Third party property car insurance basic or
  • Comprehensive.

Want to start comparing? Read below. 

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  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    costs extra

    Agreed or Market

    $500 - $1,850

    Optional Extra

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    costs extra


    $800 - $2,000

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    costs extra

    Agreed or Market

    $400 - $1,850 (varies by state)

    Optional Extra


What’s the difference between Third party car insurance and Comprehensive?

A lot. Let’s just say it could mean the difference of a few thousand dollars, out of pocket if you choose one over the other and you’re at-fault in a car accident. Let’s have a closer look:

Third party car insurance basic 

This insurance is a basic cover that covers the essentials. That is, it covers the cost to repair the ‘other’ car or cars if you’re found to be at fault in an accident. But it could be quite minimal, like up to $5000. Basic is good if you can’t budget in comprehensive. But not good if it limits the amount of money it covers you for. What if the damage to the other driver’s car is $9000? What if you damage several cars at once? This could amount to way over $20,000. That’s a risk you don’t want to take. So the question is, can you afford not to budget comprehensive in?


So this policy will cover not only the other driver if you’re found to be at-fault in an accident, but also your own car. Cover starts at $10,000 and can go into the tens of thousands, depending on which policy you select. And if you think about the occasional super expensive cars on the road, you’d want to be covered to the max! Because at the end of the day, we can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. Want to find out more? Use the Mozo comprehensive comparison tool to see how much you would pay.

Why should I get third party insurance anyway?

If you feel that your car isn’t worth insuring or it’s just out of budget for now, what Mozo recommends is that you at least secure a Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance. That way you have a good amount to cover yourself should you get in an accident where you’re at-fault.

A third party car insurance won’t cover your cover damages to your car, but it will cover the one or multiple cars you collide with. Your policy may even cover the costs to damage caused to surrounding property too. In terms of covering the cost of injury to yourself or other people, your CTP will stand up to that.

You know how easy it is to be involved in an accident. And no matter how good a driver you are, all it takes is one small slip-up and boom. You’re in for thousands. So as you can see, having insurance is absolutely vital if you’re going to be on the road. If you don’t have car insurance, there’s really no point in getting behind the wheel. So if you can’t afford the full cover of comprehensive, go for third party property so that there’s less of a chance of you ending up out of pocket. No one can afford that.

Have you heard? Car insurance reviews.

Here at Mozo, we believe in a fair go for all. We believe in giving you the most honest appraisals around written by people just like yourself who want to share with the wider community what it’s really like dealing with some of the many companies listed on our site.

You’ll find that it’s not necessarily how much you pay, but what you pay for. And we don’t mean product but the service. We know that being involved in auto collision is just the worst. Having a compassionate and patient person at the end of the line can make your experience all the more calming and soothing.

Quite often, your insurance consultant is one of the first people you will make contact with after an accident and it can be a confronting and emotional time, which is why we recommend to take a short while to research who the best sounding company is for you. It may even be a good idea to have a quick read of some car insurance reviews yourself before making a decision

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