Australian traveller praises Norway's student loans system

An Australian video and sound producer who is currently living in Japan and has a home in Norway, has spoken of the benefits of the Scandinavian country’s higher education system.

Writing for, Paul Johannessen noted that while Norweigan residents pay high taxes, "you see the returns", with people who may wish to compare student loans afforded a wealth of options.

"Everybody gets holiday pay, every year, paid out in June to help you get to warmer climes," he observed. "Even the self-employed are paid holiday pay by the state, based on their earnings. Education is paid for, including generous student loans for higher education. And grants abound, in all fields of study, even though the competition is tough."

Mr Johannessen also commented that Norway has "an enormous savings account" filled by healthy oil profits that the state is seeking to invest on behalf of future Norwegians.

The comments come after University of Sydney postgraduate Corey Payne argued in a column for the Liverpool Leader this week that Australians should not put a price on the value of student life.

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