Four side hustles any student can do to make extra summer cash

The summer university break is somehow approaching at lightspeed, with less than two months left of term before most Aussie students sit back for a much deserved (well sort of) rest.

But with everything from travel plans to Christmas presents likely to hit wallets hard, summer becomes a time when making some extra money on the side can be the difference between a winter Eurotrip or and a weekend away to your grandparents house (no offence Grandma).

So to help you on your way, we’ve put together four of the top side hustles that will help you make an extra buck this summer.

1. Rent out your car with CarNextDoor

Don’t mind leaving your car at home and jumping on the bus or train to get around this summer? Well you could be making some extra cash by renting out your car with an online car sharing platform like CarNextDoor.   

While the price you set is ultimately up to you, most cars are rented for roughly $5-$8 an hour, or $25-$40 for a day. On top of that you’ll also get 25c/km to go towards the costs of petrol and servicing. All you’ll need is a car in good running order that’s no more than 15 years old and has less than 200,000 km’s on the clock.  

The best thing is that the days you list your car for hire are totally in your hands, so you’ll still be able to drive it whenever you want.

2. Recoup your rent by subletting your room

Heading overseas over the holidays, or just taking an extended Christmas break to hang out with the family? The last thing you want to do is leave your room empty while you’re still forking out hundreds of bucks in rent says Anja Emersic from online booking platform Housing Anywhere.

“If you’re a student with a really cool room which you don't want to lose while you go abroad or move temporarily to another city, you should really consider subletting it. Not only will you have someone to look over your place while you’re gone, you’ll also be able to save some money,” she said.

Just make sure you check your lease or have a chat with your landlord to ask for their permission before you start subletting.

3. Get paid to become a pet sitter  

Is there a massive dog or cat shaped hole in your heart that just needs to be filled? Well you're going to love this, because it could also help fill that hole in your wallet too.

Pet sitting is a real thing, and even better, you’ll get paid for it! In fact, there are a tonne of different websites and online platforms in Australia that are looking for reliable pet sitters. It’s as easy as creating a profile and listing any experience you have with pets, and you’ll even be able to set your own rates.

Best yet it’s totally flexible, so you’ll be able to work it around your part time job or any holiday plans you have over the summer.

4. Improve your skills and earn with the gig economy

Whether you’re studying computer science or graphic design, founder of Money School Lacey Filipich believes that there’s plenty of opportunity for students to hone their skills over the summer break while making some extra cash.

“Become a contractor on an established platform like AirTasker or Upwork and offer the skill you're studying as a professional for piecework. You'll earn an income, get valuable experience to add to your resume, and potentially build a client base and reputation to use after you graduate,” she said.

If you do start making some extra cash with a side gig over the summer, don’t forget to stash it in a high interest savings account to keep it working for you. Head on over to the Mozo savings account comparison hub to compare 200 different savings accounts with ongoing interest rates as high as 3.00%.