More Pakistani students want to study down under

Australia has a world-renowned education system and consistently attracts bright students from across the globe.

The country's relaxed approach to temporary work permits is one of the key factors affecting this and ensures it remains a popular choice among prospective graduates who are willing to travel for a top-flight education.

An increasing number of Pakastani students, for instance, are applying to higher education courses in Australia – not least because they can work while they study – easing the financial burden of getting a top-class degree.

There are other positives associated with coming to Australia to learn as well.

Beverley Reilly, an official of the University of Canberra, said: "The government allows graduates to stay for two years after completion of their studies on work permit and students benefit from the employment opportunities in Australia."

Working after studying gives fresh graduates a chance to rebuild their finances and keep their bank balances looking healthy. With a little forethought when it comes to student banking, graduates can keep the cost of studying down and ensure that their student loans are not a burden they carry indefinitely.

And being able to take up postgraduate work could become increasingly important if Australian universities are given the option of setting their own fees – a proposal that has stirred up plenty of controversy.

Tertiary education minister Chris Evans has been particularly vocal about his opposition to the plans, which could price many students out of the top institutions.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Evans denounced claims that universities are underfunded and in need of more financial autonomy.

"What we know about deregulation of fees is that we see a vast increased cost to the student and we don't see any real competition on price," he noted.

A similar move was introduced in the UK and average university fees more than doubled as universities bolstered their bank balances to safeguard their futures.

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