Postgraduate study 'a worthwhile investment'

Postgraduate education is becoming an increasingly important means of gaining an advantage in the jobs market, it has been suggested.

In its latest guide of ICT training courses, observed that while tertiary education of any kind was once regarded as the reserve of "society's elite", it is now thought that about 32 per cent of all 25 to 34-year-olds have completed a bachelor-level degree.

"If prime minister Julia Gillard's education vision comes to pass, the figure could rise to 40 per cent by 2025, further watering down the credibility and currency of an entry-level university degree," it said.

However, Computer World noted that at present, only a quarter of overall tertiary education students are undertaking postgraduate study.

Turning to ICT, the technology resource referred to the fact that 41,800 students enrolled for IT vocational degrees during 2009 – a fall of 72 per cent on the 108,000 recorded in 2002.

Despite the figures, it claimed that postgraduate courses "have become the key to unlocking the knowledge required to move up in one's career" by allowing students to diversifying the skills necessary to take on "complex problems in more than one specialised field".

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