Queensland's College of Excellence a 'back-up option' for students

One scholarship student has praised the benefits of the College of Excellence system at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Isabelle de Haviland, who was awarded $6,000 as part of the 2010 QUT Vice-Chancellor Scholarship program, said QUT's College of Excellence had helped her meet other people.

Speaking to the Toowoomba Chronicle, she said that in her third year of study, her access to the College of Excellence's contacts and resources could come in handy.

"In that year, I have to do an experimental project and I know if I need help I can go to the College of Excellence," she added.

QUT described the College of Excellence as "a virtual college" that aims to bring together many of its best and brightest students to build friendships and enrich their study experience while also offering "study and life balance support services".

Young Aussies looking to plan their future studies may wish to compare student finances and consider different banking options. Ms de Haviland was one of three recent QUT students to receive scholarships, with fellow Gin Gin State High School graduate Scott Moller and North Bundaberg State High School graduate Edmund Pickering each picking up $24,000 awards.

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