Changing the energy status quo one household at a time is Powerclub, an energy retailer that’s all about putting the power back into the hands of customers. And it looks that motto has paid off, as Powerclub were awarded a massive 15 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, including the prestigious title of 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award Electricity Retailer of the Year for NSW, QLD and SA. 

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Who is Powerclub?

Powerclub are all for honesty and transparency when it comes to energy prices. They’re a not for profit retailer based in Melbourne and believe that the energy industry should work for customers, not against them.

Powerclub availability


Where is Powerclub available?

Aussies in NSW, ACT, SA and QLD can sign up for Powerclub energy plans.

Powerclub electricity plans and packages

Powerclub offers both residential and business energy plans that can be taken out on either a peak or time of use tariff. Members will have access to wholesale electricity prices and services on a cost per use basis, so you’ll only pay for the energy you use and the services you ask for.

Powerclub are forward thinkers and want to give customers more control of their bills, which is why they created the Powerclub Powerbank account. This account works to smooth out wholesale energy prices during wholesale market fluctuations. It covers the difference when prices are high and replenishes when prices are low.

Customers signing up to Powerclub will need to make an initial deposit into the Powerbank account, based on their estimated energy usage - this can be anywhere from $40 per 1000 kWh to $80 per 1000 kWh. And if one day you decide that Powerclub isn’t the right choice for your household, you’ll be able to leave the ‘club’ with your balance.

Once you take out an energy plan with Powerclub, you’ll be charged a $39 annual fee ($79 for business), but you won’t have to pay an exit fee.

Powerclub plans

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Powerclub features to keep in mind

Wholesale prices Wholesale prices 

Powerclub provide energy to their customers at wholesale prices, so you only pay for the energy you use.

No usage profitNo usage profit

Powerclub also do not profit from your energy usage - if they receive more revenue from prices than needed, the rest will be returned to members or invested into Powerclub.

Transparency Transparency 

There are no tricks or surprises with Powerclub, just honest prices and minimal fees.

Powerbank account Powerbank account 

Powerclub also offer members more control over their usage with the Powerbank account, an account designed to smooth out wholesale prices during market fluctuations.

Powerwatch appPowerwatch app

 Stay on top of your energy bill with the Powerwatch app, an app that alerts you when wholesale prices are high and offers ways to cut back on your energy usage.

Switching and moving with Powerclub

If you’d like to become a Powerclub member, you’ll need to sign up online. Simply punch in your postcode and the select the plan that’s right for your household. You’ll then need to add in your average daily usage and a few other details and you’re on your way!

And if you’re thinking of switching to Powerclub, get in touch with the Powerclub customer service team via the phone or email.

Powerclub customer reviews

Powerclub Electricity

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Recent Powerclub electricity reviews

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Want to find out if Powerclub is the right choice for your household? Head on over to Mozo’s free energy comparison to compare some of the other plans in your area. 

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