RBA holds interest rates steady at 1.50% for Easter


Tuesday 04 April 2017

Unsurprisingly, the Reserve Bank announced today that interest rates would stay put at 1.50% for April.

This was the popular prediction for this month’s decision, with most economists expecting that Australia won’t see another official cash rate change until late this year, or even 2018.

In his statement, Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe said there were a number of positive economic indicators and that, “The outlook continues to be supported by the low level of interest rates."

Steep property prices have been a concern for regulation authorities lately, but given the widespread out-of-cycle rate hikes by banks and recent lending restrictions imposed by APRA it’s likely the Reserve Bank will avoid making a move for the near future.

In his statement, Lowe said, "Growth in household borrowing, largely to purchase housing, continues to outpace growth in household income. By reinforcing strong lending standards, the recently announced supervisory measures should help address the risks associated with high and rising levels of indebtedness."

Mortgage rate hikes multiplying like bunnies

The Reserve Bank may be standing still, but the same cannot be said for banks. In March, Mozo recorded interest rate hikes from 32 lenders, including all four big banks. Add to this tightened restrictions on lending for interest-only borrowers and investors, and things aren’t looking bright for home loan hopefuls.

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Where does this leave savers?

Savings interest rates have stagnated a bit lately, with no really notable changes to mention. So those looking to really make the most of their rainy day funds will need to get proactive about finding a great deal.

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