MyOwn Tel broadband plans

Person looking at phone and computer, using credit card to shop online through a MyOwn Tel NBN plan.

This 100% Australian owned and operated company has been providing broadband connections across the country for 15 years, with specialised community networks using their NBN and other internet connection types. The Brisbane-based provider offers customer support Monday-Saturday, and unlimited data across all its plans.

MyOwn Tel’s NBN offerings come in four speed-tiers with corresponding prices and different activation fees for varied contract types. You can choose to go on a month-to-month contract, but you’ll have to pay a one-off $99 activation fee. Then, 12-month contracts come with a reduced $49 activation fee and 24-month options are fee-free. 

There are a few other fees to be aware of when signing up with MyOwn Tel. If you’re on a contract and cancel your plan, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee of $20 per-month for however many months are remaining on your contract. And if your home doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure set-up for NBN installation, you could be looking at a subsequent installation fee of $299.

You are free to use your own WiFi modem (if you’ve already got one), but you’ll be responsible for ensuring it’s NBN compatible and setting it up with your MyOwn Tel plan. Otherwise, you can get in touch with MyOwn Tel and they can advise you on what equipment might be best suited for your plan and the pricing.

Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning broadband plans

MyOwnTel won one award in the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Broadband Awards^. 

  • MyOwnTel's Diamond Plan won in the Ultrafast Broadband (NBN1000) category.

How to sign up with MyOwn Tel

Head to the MyOwn Tel website and choose the page for NBN under the “Services'' tab. From here you’ll be asked to provide your address so MyOwn Tel can check if NBN is available in your area. 

Then you can choose the plan that best suits your internet use, decide which contract or non-contract option you’re happy with, and move onto providing your personal and payment details. 

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^See information about the Mozo Experts Choice Broadband Awards.