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*Last updated 3 September 2020, view the 2020 winners here

When you hear the name Bondi Vet the words TV show, long-running, pretty popular and Chris Brown will probably come to mind. What you might not know is that the show is now backed up by its very own, award-winning, quality pet insurance.

Our Mozo expert judging panel compared 28 different pet insurance providers and after assessing it from all angles, concluded that Bondi Vet’s Comprehensive Cover plan was worthy of the Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance award for 2019. 

We examined product information enclosed in each provider’s Product Disclosure Statements and websites and didn’t even consider plans with an annual benefit limit of less than $12,000. With benefits including annual cover for tick paralysis, cruciate ligament conditions and optional dental cover, Bondi Vet’s comprehensive pet insurance ticked a lot of boxes when it came to quality.

As Mozo banking expert Peter Marshall said “Bondi Vet Pet Insurance’s comprehensive cover really stood out for it’s exceptional quality, number of benefits on offer and the flexibility of the plan.”

“Out of all the insurance providers we compared, Bondi Vet’s benefit cover percentage and annual benefit limit were at the top end.”

About Bondi Vet Pet Insurance

Bondi Vet Pet Insurance sprang from one of Australia’s favourite TV shows, and after ten years on air the minds behind this insurance have plenty of experience with that special bond between owner and pet. They also understand just how much worry and financial stress our furry friends can cause us, which is why they came up with a comprehensive insurance plan with generous benefits.

Bondi Vet’s award-winning Comprehensive Cover pet insurance policy

The award-winning Comprehensive Cover pet insurance policy can be used to provide cover for your feline friends or precious pooches. Some of the key features of this quality plan include:

Your little friends can be insured from just eight weeks of age, but it should be noted that your pawsome pals have to be signed up to the comprehensive plan before their ninth birthday. And you’ll be glad to hear you can choose to use any licensed vet in Australia.

As with any insurance you should double check the fine print in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before signing up to a policy, to make sure that you know what the plan includes and excludes. The PDS can be found on Bondi Vet Pet Insurance’s website.

A little bit about the Mozo Expert Choice Awards

The Mozo Expert Choice Awards have been going strong for six years now. Our experts spend hours researching and comparing the best quality products on the marketplace so that you can feel confident in your choice. 

For our Exceptional Quality awards we reviewed the generosity of benefits and flexibility of each pet insurance provider’s plan. The deciding factors in our Exceptional Quality Awards included benefit percentage, annual benefit limit, ability to vary excess, cover for routine care and dental work, and cover for more expensive items like CT and MRI scans. You can find out more details in our methodology report.

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