ING banking app review

About ING

Since launching in Australia in 1999, ING has garnered a reputation as one of the more innovative banks in the country, going without branches and passing the savings onto customers. Its range of savings accounts, bank accounts and term deposits consistently rank among the best in terms of value, and have seen ING nab several Mozo Experts Choice awards. 

What does the ING app do?

The ING app is designed to manage your online banking, so it makes it as simple as possible to transfer between accounts, pay bills, and send money to other people. But there’s plenty more you can do with this 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award Excellent Banking App winner, including manage your cards, adjust transfer limits, and apply for new products.

Want to see which  bank accounts are compatible with the app? Find the right match on our dedicated ING bank accounts page. 

                                             Image: The ING mobile banking app for Android

Features we love

One big standout is the optional Everyday Round Up feature. This rounds up purchases you make on your card and deposits the difference into your savings account, making saving that much easier.

As for the rest of the features, they read like a checklist of everything you’d want in a banking app:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported.
  • Touch login and face ID login are available on compatible devices.
  • You can notify people you’ve paid via SMS or email.
  • You can see up to three years’ worth of transactions.
  • You can change access codes and PINS securely within the app.
  • Balances of your accounts can be checked without having to log in. Just ask Siri.
  • You can report a lost or stolen card through the app.
  • There’s the option to set up profiles so that multiple customers can access their accounts from the one device.
  • You can alert ING to any upcoming trips so they can monitor your card and refrain from blocking it unnecessarily.

We’re not so hot on…

There are some minor tweaks ING could make that could make the app better for users. For starters, when adding contacts, you receive an email and an in-app notification for each contact added, which could get annoying for some. And while the app does allow you to view your transaction history, we think it would be useful if there were more filtering options available and your spending could be categorised.

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