Looking for a big brand with affordable mobile phone plan prices? Vodafone stands out as a budget-friendly major mobile provider. Fantastic value bundles and cheap prepaid options give Vodafone an edge for users hoping to save without sacrificing service quality. Plus, improved 5G access, unlimited data, and a strong international presence mean Vodafone can go the distance.

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Compare Vodafone mobile phone plans

Generous data, no lock-in contracts, and plenty of bonus features offered from time to time: there’s much to love about Vodafone’s wide selection of mobile phone plans. Your wallet might thank you! 

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Key facts about Vodafone phone plans

Vodafone’s 3G/4G network covers 96% of populated Australia – only mere points behind the bigger competitors of Telstra and Optus. Customers with eligible plans and devices can also enjoy access to Vodafone’s burgeoning 5G network, as well. While its regional network coverage is sometimes perceived as lacking compared to Telstra, Vodafone do have 85% of Australia covered with its 5G network, but the majority of that is through the TPG 5G Stand Alone Network which limits access to certain devices.

If you are looking to check how you'll fare under Vodafone, they are sure to put Aussie customers first with a 30-day network guarantee. With this feature, you can test their network for a month; if you’re not happy, simply opt out and return your device in its original packaging for a full refund. 

Vodafone also offers no lock-in contracts for all its plan types (prepaid, postpaid, and SIM-only). If you’re purchasing a new phone, you can choose to pay it off in monthly instalments over 12, 24, and 36 month periods along with your bill. Decide to cancel early? You just pay out the remainder of your phone’s cost in full. 

Vodafone also offers extra features to sweeten the deal. Their crowning glory is their data: you get a set amount of full-speed GB with different plans, which once used-up drops down to infinite data at slower speeds (usually between 2-25Mbps, and anything over 10Mbps will get you decent streaming quality). This also means no excess data charges – huzzah!

From time to time, other bonus offers on different plans can include 3 months of free Amazon Music Unlimited, up to 500GB of bonus data, roaming in over 102 countries for just $5 extra, and special bundling discounts. Big ‘treat yourself’ energy.

How does Vodafone compare to other phone plan providers?

Vodafone may not be the biggest of the big mobile providers, but what it lacks in coverage it generally  makes up for in value. How does Vodafone compare to other providers?

FAQ about Vodafone Phone Plans

What information will I need to set up a Vodafone phone plan?

When signing up for a plan with Vodafone, you will need to provide information verifying your identity, address, and payment methods.

For Vodafone’s postpaid plans, you will at least need to supply your:

  • Full name.
    Primary contact number.
    Email address.
    Date of birth.
    Current residential address (sometimes a previous address as well, if you’ve only lived in your current place for a limited time).
    Delivery address (not including a PO box, locked bag, or parcel lockers).
    Proof of income (this includes employment payslips or study/pension benefits). 
    Payment details (either direct debit or credit card).

Many of these can be condensed by providing 100 points of valid ID, usually in the form of a driver’s licence, passport, or Medicare card.

Does Vodafone offer discounts?

Vodafone will from time to time have generous discounts, bundles, and bonuses on offer, giving its deals great value. These could include sign-up sales, bonus data, and postpaid monthly bundles depending on which plan you buy. Vodafone also offers no lock-in contracts and a 30-day network guarantee, so you can change your mind with peace of mind.

What happens if I need to break my Vodafone phone plan contract?

Luckily, Vodafone offers no lock-in contracts on all of its mobile phone plans, so cancelling won’t incur all the termination fees of yesteryear. Instead, you just pay out the rest of your device in full. If you’re moving to a new mobile plan provider and would like to keep your phone number, you will need the new provider to initiate the transition process; once finished, you will also need to pay Vodafone an $8 fee to transfer your number.

Can I change my Vodafone plan?

Vodafone has no lock-in contracts on its mobile phone plans, which means it’s fairly easy to change your plan. You can upgrade/downgrade once per billing cycle through your MyVodafone account. There’s no cost if you change your plan to something of an equal or higher monthly spend, but if you downgrade, you’ll have to pay a once-off Plan Transfer fee. 

Great news for savers, though: if you add more than 2 plans to your account, you automatically get a Bundle & Save discount on all plans (T&Cs apply). This means it could be great value to get both your broadband and mobile from Vodafone.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to a Vodafone mobile plan?

You can definitely keep your phone number if you’re switching to a Vodafone mobile plan. Keep your original number active when you initiate the transfer, and Vodafone will do the rest for you.

Likewise, if you’d like to leave Vodafone for another provider but want to keep your Vodafone number, you’ll need the other provider to initiate the transition for you. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay Vodafone an $8 transfer fee for your troubles.

How can I lower the cost of my Vodafone phone plan?

Vodafone offers generous discounts, bonus data, and bundles from time to time on its mobile plans, so the good news is it’s incredibly easy to save. This can include discounts if you sign-up during a promotional period window, or adding multiple plans to your account for an automatic 5-20% Bundle & Save discount on all eligible plans (including postpaid mobile, NBN, and more, T&Cs apply).

For Vodafone’s prepaid plans above $30, you can get $5 off by signing up for an automatic recharge before the expiry date (T&Cs apply). You can bank up to 200GB of unused data if you recharge on a Prepaid Plus plan before it expires, too (T&Cs apply). 

If you’re purchasing a new device from Vodafone, you can also draw out repayments over longer periods of time (up to 36 months) to lower your monthly bill.

Is Vodafone the best mobile network in Australia?

While it’s impossible to call any one network the ‘best’, Vodafone can offer exceptional value and quality service for a major mobile network provider. Check out our mobile comparison tool to compare deals on offer. You can also view our write ups on Telstra and Optus to compare phone plans on the market.