Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Online Outdoor Equipment Retailers 2022

The Mozo People’s Choice Awards spotlight brands delivering the best customer experiences based on real customer feedback. Over 800 Australians had their say in the 2022 online outdoor equipment retailer category, making the winner list a true reflection of their favourite online destinations for all things boating, camping, fishing, 4-wheel driving and more.

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4WD Supacentre logo

4WD Supacentre People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Range of Products Value for Money Website Experience Delivery Service Most Recommended
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Founded on the belief that Aussies were paying too much for their outdoor adventure gear, 4WD Supercentre says that their focus is on delivering value to outdoorsy folk. 

Home of the famous Adventure Kings product range, campers will be delighted with the impressive collection of swags, tents and accessories. As the name suggests, 4WD Supercentre also sells four-wheel driving equipment and says they have a dedicated team who can help customers fit out their vehicles. Water sports lovers are also taken care of, with stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and even tow tubes available. 

4WD Supercentre's dedication and love for the outdoors have clearly carried through in its treatment of customers, with the retailer receiving honours in every award category.

4WD Supacentre Online Outdoor Equipment
Source: 4WD Supacentre
BCF logo

BCF People’s Choice Awards 2022

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Range of Products
Outstanding%20 customer%20 satisfaction 2022 Range%20of%20 products 2022

The blue and orange doors of BCF are a familiar sight for many Aussies, a one-stop shop for all things outdoor equipment. According to the customers who voted in this year's awards, the BCF online shopping experience is one of the best in the business. 

While BCF stands for boating, camping and fishing, the retailer also sells equipment for water sports, four-wheel driving, caravanning, and hiking. Click-and-collect services that are ready within a 2-hour window and home delivery are available. 

Taking home awards for the outstanding customer satisfaction and range of product categories, BCF has earnt itself a round of applause.

BCF Online Outdoor Equipment
Source: BCF
Anaconda logo

Anaconda People’s Choice Awards 2022

Most Recommended
Most%20 recommended 2022

Anaconda is an Aussie-owned outdoor equipment retailer that has been around since 2004. According to its website, only passionate experts are recruited, so customers can get seek guidance on what products might best suit their needs. 

The Anaconda website sells all things camping, hiking, four-wheel driving, fishing, water sports, boating and cycling. With a choice between free delivery on orders over $99 (T&Cs apply) and free 2 two-hour click-and-collect, online customers have been well looked after. 

This year Anaconda came out on top as one of the most recommended online outdoor equipment retailers.

Anaconda Online Outdoor Equipment
Source: Anaconda


Which Online Outdoor Equipment Retailer is the best?

Finding the best online outdoor equipment retailer for your needs will be unique to what you value most in an online shopping experience and what gear you are after. Factors that can come into play include products available, cost, delivery services or website experience. Lucky for you, the People’s Choice Awards asked customers to rate brands on all that and more. Making the winners lists a great place to start your search

How many Online Outdoor Equipment Retailers were considered for the Mozo People’s Choice Awards?

34 different retailers were voted into this year's awards. To see the complete list check out the People’s Choice Awards Methodology Report - September 2022

How did you determine the winners for each Online Outdoor Equipment Retailer Award?

Just short of 900 Australians voiced their opinions in the online outdoor equipment retailers award category. Retailers that had received a minimum of 30 votes were in contention for a top place. To decide the winners, the Mozo judges ranked the 34 retailers who reached the minimum in order of average rating. The cut-off point to separate the best from the rest was then determined to find the winners. More information can be found in the People’s Choice Awards Methodology Report - September 2022.