Mozo peoples choice awards 2023

Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Supermarkets 2023

The 2022 Mozo People’s Choice Awards are based on real customer feedback. Check out the honour roll of Australia’s favourite Banking, Insurance and Household services as voted by Australia.


Most Recommended

Online Shopping Experience

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Range of Products

Store Environment

Value for Money

ALDI logo

ALDI People’s Choice Awards 2023

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Freshness Value for Money Most Recommended
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ALDI calls its supermarkets ‘good, different’. By doing things differently, they say they can provide top quality products at the lowest prices. While you can buy some well-known brands at ALDI, its supermarkets are mostly stocked with its own exclusive low cost brands which are designed to help you to save on your grocery shop. Its low cost approach also applies to other aspects of the supermarket. It has fewer registers, a simpler layout, and coin operated trolleys so that they can pass on those savings to its customers. 

ALDI also takes its environmental and corporate responsibilities seriously. All of its stores, warehouses and offices are powered by 100% renewable energy, it is a founding member of the ANZPAC Plastics Pact and aims to reduce its plastic packaging across its own-branded products by 25% by 2025, and its commitment to sourcing responsible tuna has been recognised as industry-leading. 

This year, ALDI scored a host of Mozo People’s Choice Awards titles, including ones for Freshness, Value For Money, Most Recommended, and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction.

Woolworths logo

Woolworths People’s Choice Awards 2023

Range of Products Online Shopping Experience
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Known to Australians as “the fresh food people”, Woolworths has over 1000 stores Australia-wide. In addition to stocking thousands of household brands in its stores, it also has its own brands which include a low cost Essentials line, an organic range called Macro, Free From (Gluten Free) and the Woolworths range, giving you plenty of options in every aisle. 

The popular Woolworths Everyday Rewards program is free to join, and for every $1 spent members earn 1 point. Points can either be redeemed for money off a future shop or converted to Qantas points (terms and conditions apply).

Woolworths aims to be a one stop grocery shopping destination with fresh, frozen, pantry, dairy, bakery, cleaning and pet products all available in store and online. That might be why Aussies scored it so highly, with Woolworths taking out the Mozo People’s Choice Award for product range and online shopping experience in this year’s honours.

Costco logo

Costco People’s Choice Awards 2023

Store Environment
Store%20 environment 2023

Costco burst onto the Australian scene in 2008 and now operates 15 stores across Australia. Membership is required to make purchases and goods are sold in bulk. Gold Star membership for individuals is $60 a year and includes one free card for a family member who resides at the same address. You can expect to find a range of well-known brands at Costco as well as its exclusive ‘Kirkwood’ range.

In addition to groceries and household goods, Costco also sells furniture, jewellery, electronics, and automotive goods. In fact, this year saw them taking out multiple titles in the Mozo People’s Choice Awards for Petrol Stations as well as for Supermarkets! Talk about doing it all.

The real star of Costco is the store experience, for which it won the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Award.


Which supermarkets were included in these awards?

While any supermarket could be rated in these awards, there were 19 supermarkets that received ratings and responses in the 2023 Mozo People’s Choice Awards. These were:

  • Aldi

  • Big Save

  • Coles

  • Costco

  • Drakes

  • Farmer Jack’s

  • Foodlands

  • Foodworks

  • Friendly Grocer

  • Harris Farm

  • IGA

  • Maloneys Grocer

  • Miracle

  • Ritchies Supa IGA

  • Spar

  • Spudshed

  • Supabarn

  • The Green Grocer

  • Woolworths

To see the full list of those considered for all awards and categories, check out the methodology report.

How did you determine the winners for the supermarket awards?

In total, 3,311 Australians were surveyed on their supermarket experiences. In each category, all providers who received at least 30 responses were eligible. The judges then ranked providers in order by average rating, and then determined an appropriate cut-off point to separate winners from the rest. More information can be found in our methodology report.

Which supermarket is best?

The best supermarket for you will depend on your needs, location, budget, and more personal factors. The Mozo People’s Choice Award winners are a good place for you to start your search, as these providers have been rated highly by their existing customers and your fellow Australians.

I work for one of the winning providers. How can we promote our win?

Congratulations! We have a wide range of promotional options available to advertise your win. To do so, get in touch with our account management team.