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For businesses hoping to unlock the cash that’s tied up in unpaid invoices, Marmalade offers an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with your invoicing software. You can arrange to have invoices paid within 24 hours of issuing them, so you can focus less on chasing down payments and more on growing your business.

Marmalade business loans - what you need to know

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FAQs about Marmalade

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How does it work?

For every invoice you want paid early, Marmalade will transfer you 100% of the amount owed minus a one-off fee. The fee ranges from 3-5% and will vary across individual invoices.

At first, not every invoice will be eligible for early repayment, but that changes over time as you issue more invoices to customers using Marmalade and generally use the service in an effective way (such as by including Marmalade’s details on all of your customers’ invoices).

After 30 days, around 30% of your outstanding invoices will be eligible for early payment. This jumps up to 80% of invoices after 90 days of consistent invoicing and payments by your customers.

When it comes to retrieving funds, Marmalade will send regular statements to your customers reminding them of any outstanding payments (and contact them directly if they have been extremely late). Marmalade does not work with third parties or debt collection agencies.

How is the fee determined?

The amount you’ll be charged for each invoice will vary depending on a few factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Your customer’s payment history

  • The invoice due date

  • Whether or not you are including Marmalade account details on all of your customers’ invoices

According to Marmalade, the size of the fees charged will drop over time as Marmalade gets to know your business and its customers better. Maintaining a line of communication with your customers and reminding them to pay any overdue invoices will also help raise their standing in Marmalade’s systems and reduce the fee.

Which businesses are eligible?

Businesses will need to meet the following requirements to be eligible for Marmalade’s invoice finance facility:

  • You primarily invoice other Australian businesses (not consumers or individuals)

  • You have more than five regular customers that you invoice at least monthly

  • You consistently invoice more than $50,000 per month overall

  • Your maximum individual invoice size is $50,000

  • You provide net payments terms to customers up to but not exceeding 60 days

  • You use Xero or QuickBooks for your invoicing and have been doing so for at least 90 days

  • Your customers do not regularly make bulk payments for multiple invoices

Additionally, you must be prepared to switch to Marmalade as the exclusive payment method on all your invoices for all customers

What features should I know about?

Quick approval times

According to Marmalade, the application process can be completed in as little as five minutes, and businesses can receive approval within 24 hours. Once it’s up and running, every new invoice will be assessed within minutes of being issued to determine if it’s eligible for early payment. If it is, it will show up in the early payment page of your Marmalade account almost immediately. 

Software integration

Marmalade offers one-click integration with Xero and QuickBooks, so you can minimise admin and keep track of incoming payments easily.

Choose which invoices you want paid

You’ll be able to select which invoices you want to cash-in (and leave the ones you expect to be settled quickly), and funds will be transferred within 24 hours. Marmalade will then take over collections on your behalf, as well as absorb the risk of non-payment, so you can focus on growing your business instead of chasing down overdue invoices