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Whether you run a fledgling startup or an established business, Max Funding offers personalised solutions to give your company the help it needs. You can borrow as little as $2,000 and as much as $300,000, and loan terms range from 1 to 36 months. Max Funding is also very friendly to applicants with poor credit, so if your credit history has some rough patches, Max Funding is set up to provide you the chance to borrow anyway.

Max Funding business loans - what you need to know

Thinking of getting a business loan but not sure how much you need exactly, well Max Funding allows flexible borrowing that might fit your exact needs. Check out the features, fees, rates and processes that are involved with a Max Funding business loan below.

FAQs about Max Funding

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How are Max Funding’s interest rates determined?

Interest rates are as low as 1.80% per month, and according to the Max Funding website, if you’re able to find a lower rate they’ll try to beat it. When it comes to determining exactly how much you’ll pay, Max Funding considers assets and business activities, so the better off your business is, the more likely you are to get a good rate.

What fees are there?

There are no upfront or ongoing fees when you take out a loan with Max Funding, and if you pay off the amount quicker than planned you don’t have to worry about being slapped with any penalties. 

How does the Max Funding approval process work?

The Max Funding application process is twofold. First, you’ll need to complete a pre-approval form to gauge your eligibility. This only takes five minutes, and will give you an idea of how much you’ll be able to borrow. Max Funding will also provide a personalised repayment plan to help you budget. If you’re happy with the amount available, you’ll just need to submit a few documents to finalise the process.

What do I need to be eligible?

Max Funding offers a range of loans, and while each comes with its own set of criteria, as long as you’re not under bankruptcy the application process should be a breeze. For A Fast Business Loan, you’ll need to put up a registered motor vehicle or real estate property for security. For an Equity Business Loan, you’ll also need a real estate property, mortgaged at less than 80%. And to receive an Unsecured Business Loan your business should be at least six months old with a monthly turnover of at least $6,000.

What features should I know about?

Low interest rates

Max Funding offers interest rates as low as 1.80% per month, making them a pretty attractive option for business owners looking to give their business a leg up.

Borrow up to $300,000

Borrowers are judged on a case-by-case basis and borrow limits are applied depending on the health of your business, but if you’re deemed eligible you could borrow as much as $300,000. So whether your business is in need of a small boost or a total upheaval, you can expect Max Funding to have an option available for you.

Easy eligibility criteria

If your credit score is less than spectacular, you’ll be glad to hear the pre-approval process doesn’t involve credit checks, and applicants with poor credit will be considered just like everyone else. What’s more, Max Funding will work with you to rebuild your credit history, putting you in a better position if you want to take out another loan in the future.

Receive funds quickly

You won’t have to wait too long to be approved when dealing with Max Funding. Pre-approval forms can be completed online in as little as five minutes, and once you’ve sent in all the necessary documents you can count on your funds arriving in your bank account 24-48 hours later.