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ThinCats provides an online peer-to-peer lending platform so you borrow directly from investors. Founded in the UK in 2010, ThinCats expanded into the Australian market in 2014 to join the ranks of new, innovative business loans platforms catering to Australian businesses.

ThinCats business loans - what you need to know

It can be difficult to understand what exactly you’re getting from a business loan lender. That’s why we have collected all nitty-gritty details about ThinCat’s platform, like its features, approval process, fees and eligibility requirements. So if you want to know all this information, you’re in the right place.

FAQs about ThinCats

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How are interest rates determined?

If you get access to the ThinCats platform, you will discuss with one of their representatives about lots of the specifics about your business, including your operation, intents, finances, as well as personal information about yourself. They will then enter this information into their system and decide what interest rate is best for your business.

What fees are there? 

ThinCats doesn’t come with too many fees, but there are a couple to look out for, which are

  • - A monthly administration fee based on your outstanding loan balance
  • - A one-off introduction fee relative to your loan amount
  • - Late payments fees

How does the ThinCats approval process work?

To get access to the ThinCats platform, first you’ll start with a discussion with one of their representatives, answering questions and divulging specific information about your operations, finances, personal information and the specifics about your business. After this they will make a decision about whether the ThinCats platform is right for you.

What do I need to be eligible to get access to the ThinCats platform?

At ThinCats, heaps of different kinds of SMEs can be considered for a loan. Your eligibility is decided on a case by case basis, but generally, you should be able to show up to date financial information about your business and to demonstrate that you can repay the loan comfortably.

Key features of ThinCats business loans

Business loans platform

ThinCats connects you to a business loans platform, which gets you in direct connection with your lender, rather than going through 3rd party, like a bank. This means when you get onto the platform you will be able to ask for the loan you and ThinCats have personalised, to find a lender or group of lenders willing to finance that specific loan. This gives you more flexibility and freedom when it comes to the loan process.

Borrow between $100,000 and $2,000,000

If you’re a larger business looking for a heftier amount of funding to facilitate the ins and outs of your finances, an office refurbishment or new manufacturing equipment, then the fact ThinCats allows for borrowing up to $2,000,000 is good news. More often than not the only way to get 7 digits worth of funding is by going to a bank, so for those who’d rather look elsewhere for their funding, ThinCats can provide just that.

2 - 5 year borrowing length

A lot of SME lenders don’t provide multi-year lending terms, which can put a small business in a difficult position. The ThinCats platform allows you to find a lender that will give you the repayment years you want.