The best places to shop in Australia in 2021

online shopper accepting package from delivery man

Whether you’re doing your weekly grocery run or browsing the web for a new 48-inch TV, finding a service that offers a top-notch shopping experience from start to finish can save you a headache in the long run. 

That’s why in our 2021 Mozo People’s Choice Awards, we handed the mic over to everyday Australians to find out how highly they rated the places where they shop. This year, Mozo surveyed 3,973 individuals about household services including: 

  • Supermarkets
  • Online supermarkets 
  • Online home appliances
  • Online electronics
  • Online pet supplies 

Let’s take a look at 2021’s award winners for these categories:  

Online Supermarkets

The past year has shown us that you can purchase just about anything available at brick-and-mortar stores online - including your groceries. Among the survey respondents who prefer buying their milk and bread from home, Woolworths is the online supermarket they were most impressed with. 

For the second year running, Woolies has hit a home run. The Fresh Food People won all seven awards available in this category: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Range of Products, Freshness, Online Shopping Experience, Delivery Service, Click and Collect and Most Recommended. 

And it’s not just the average folk that Woolies is ticking all the boxes for, as our expert judges in the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards also recently recognised Woolies car insurance and Woolies home insurance as offering some of the best value around.


After dominating in last year’s Mozo People's Choice Supermarket Awards, Aldi has once again risen to the top as a customer favourite, taking home five out of the seven awards available in this category. 

Aldi won for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Freshness, Value for Money, Store Environment and Most Recommended. 

Woolworths was also named in this category as winner of the Range of Products award. Customers ranked Woolies as the best in the industry when it comes to stocking the items they need and the brands they like. 

Finally, IGA beat competitors to the Staff Friendliness award, with customers highly rating its employees and their attitudes. 

Online Home Appliances

From fridges to washing machines, furniture and white goods are top of mind for many homeowners spending the pandemic renovating their homes. But which online sites do Aussies enjoy visiting to do their home appliance shopping?

Appliances Online proved most popular this year, winning a whopping six awards for Online Home Appliances: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money, Excellent Customer Service, Range of Products, Delivery Service and Most Recommended. and Kogan also received ticks of approval from customers. snagged awards for Value for Money and Most Recommended while Kogan won a Range of Products award.

Online Electronics 

Cost, delivery and customer service matter a lot in any online shopping experience, but may be even more important if you’re purchasing big-spend electronics like a Playstation 5 or a DSLR camera. 

There were multiple winners in our Online Electronics category this year. These included a bunch of major retailers that also have physical stores: Kmart (Value for Money and Most Recommended); Target (Excellent Customer Service and Most Recommended); Big W (Outstanding Customer Satisfaction); Myer (Outstanding Customer Satisfaction); and Bing Lee (Excellent Customer Service). 

Notably, all of the Delivery Service awards went to online-only retailers: Amazon Australia, Kogan and In other words, survey respondents thought these services do the best at offering delivery that is convenient, arrives on time and gives them everything they ordered. 

In addition, also took home four other awards under Online Electronics: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money, Range of Products and Most Recommended. 

Online Pet Supplies

If you’ve got a four-legged friend, you may be looking for the best place to buy their food, treats and toys without having to leave the house. 

Your search may be over, as just achieved the huge feat of winning all five Mozo awards for Online Pet Supplies: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Range of Products, Online Shopping Experience, Delivery Service and Most Recommended.

Budget Pet Products was the other major winner in this category, snagging four awards for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, Online Shopping Experience, Delivery Service and Most Recommended.

Interested in seeing what other household services impressed everyday Australians this year? You can view a full list of award winners at our 2021 Mozo People’s Choice Household Services Awards page.