Which broadband providers are giving you the speeds they advertise?

broadband providers that reliably give their advertised speed

It seems like one of the constant battles for Australians is trying to get a good broadband internet connection. Even if your provider advertises a certain peak speed on a plan, the actual speed will often be below that number.

Thankfully the ACCC keeps track of all broadband internet speeds to check up on which providers are best at meeting their advertised speeds.

Their latest report has revealed the data to show which providers are walking the walk.

For NBN fixed line connections, all the providers were generally pretty good.

For download speeds, 97.4% of services matched up with their advertised speeds. Those numbers did vary a little bit between the providers, but on the whole they’re creeping closer to a total matchup.

Upload speeds are still lagging a bit behind their reported levels across the board. Only 84.6% of service matched up with the speeds claimed. While upload speeds are less important for watching streamed video, they can still make a difference if you want to try video calling or gaming.

Who were the more reliable providers?


Exetel led the broadband providers on download speeds that reliably matched their advertised level. Judging by how often they were able to provide the advertised plan speeds, Exetel were the statistical winners according to the ACCC.

They were able to go above and beyond their own advertised speeds, boasting download speeds that clocked 104.5% at off peak hours, and maintaining 103.5% when it got a little busier.

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Optus were rocking steady across the board. According to this report, they were able to provide services that were on average, consistently at 100% of their advertised speed (100.8% to be exact).

At the busiest hours, Optus still performed well, offering customers their advertised speeds at 99.0% of the time.

Otherwise Launtel were able to consistently provide 100% of their advertised speed, dropping just 1.6% below that margin during peak hours around 7:00-8:00pm.

The ACCC's broadband speed report
Source: ACCC speed report reveals what percentage of the time broadband service met the advertised speed.

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